In the year 3000, Earth became over populated. There was no place to live and many people died of starvation.Then the Leaders of Land 9, where people once called United States, thought of an idea. With the idea of natural selection, they decided on a plan in which those that are "useless" or "weak" will be "erased" from Earth. Those people with a tag on them will be hunt down by everybody on Earth and "erased." Therefore, the start of the hunting begins.
Sophie, who live in Land 9, District 101, is a weak but cheerful and intelligent person. Despite losing her mother and father when she was six years old, and despite her uncle and aunt, her guardians, treating her like a servant, Sophie looks forward to each day with a smile. Because of the incident that also killed her parents, half of her body is functioned by technology. What will happen when a tag is put on her? Will she survive or will she be "erased"?


5. Loss

     I got up immediately. I didn't even bothered to get dress or cared about the breakfast that I had to cook. "Hue?! Hue, where are you?! Answer me!" My aunt caught me running around.

     "What are you doing this early in the morning? Is our breakfast ready?"

     I ignored her questions. "Did you see Hue? Do you know where he is?"

     "How dare you-" She stopped and then a sinister smile appeared on her face. "Oh! Hue is in the basement."

     Although I was suspicious of her intentions I went to the basement anyways. When I went into the basement, it was pitch black. "Hue? Are you there?" Suddenly a force pushed me from behind. I fell, and then I screamed. My right leg and part of my stomach felt like it was prick by thousands of needles. My right hand searched my leg but it got pricked instead. Despite the pain I hold up the thing that had cause me all this pain. I did not have to look closely to know what it was. I was pieces of broken glass.

     Then, a voice I was not so shock to hear spoke. "I never knew you were this stupid. You actually believed me." My aunt laughed. Then she started to walk away but stopped. "Oh, by the way, that thing you were asking about is not hear anymore." My hand clenched as I realized that she was talking about Hue. "Don't blame me. I only told him that if he wanted to keep you from being erased by others, he would have to sacrifice himself. Who would have known that he would trust me that much!"

     This was the first time in my life that I felt hatred towards someone. "How…could…you?" I heard her laugh before I lost conscious.


     When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Noah. "Sis! You are finally awake! You scared me to death!"

     I blinked. "Noah-" I grimaced. My pain was beyond words. If only Hue was here. My eyes widened. "Noah!" I cringed. "Where…is…Hue?"

     Noah eyes widened. Then, he turned away. I could see the teardrops rolling down his cheeks. "I am sorry. I couldn't save him." He looked at me like he was expecting me to cry, but I didn't.

     I laid there without any emotions. 

     "Hey, Sophie, say something! Sophie!"

     I ignored him. I didn't replied.


     I passed a day without eating. I laid there like a dead person.


    My eyes widened. Despite my pain I got out of bed. "Hue?" However, Hue was nowhere to be seen. Then, I saw a box that I had never seen before on my desk. I opened it.

     A bright light shone in the box. I squinted my eyes as I adjusted to the light. A voice said, "Please say the password. Hint:This is your favorite thing."

     I hesitated for a moment before I said, "Chess."

     The device was silent for a moment then it said, "Correct! Sophie, welcome! There is one message. Would you like to open it?"


     The screen projected the image onto the wall. 

     Then, I saw Hue. He was looking directly at me. "Hi, Sophie."

    "Hue!" I stood up and ran towards the projection. Of course, I bumped into the wall. I winced as I remember both my pain and that Hue was not there anymore. "Hue," I whispered.

     "Sophie, listen. When you see this video, I won't be there anymore. I want you to know that I did this because I wanted to, so don't feel guilty and don't be sad.Also, I made your aunt promised that she won't let others erase you. Don't worry I made her use SW32, so if anyone erase you, she would be electrocuted, but she did not swear that she would not erase you, so be careful around her." I made a sort of giggle, thinking that my aunt was wrong when she said that Hue trusted her. "Since your road is a hard one, you need to be stronger. Smile and walk on. You will reach your destination. And remember this:You are a controller. You can change this world. So stay strong." With that, Hue disappeared.

    I still couldn't cry. I was frustrated because I couldn't, but I could finally put pieces of myself back together. Then, I made an awkward smile. This will do for now. Noah must be worried. I must reassure him with my smile. I left my room and went towards the living room, but before I reached the living room, I heard Noah's voice.

     "I'll do it!"

     I stopped and unconsciously hid behind the doors. I could see Noah standing in front of my aunt and uncle. Noah had a determined look on his face.

     "Mom, I will… erase Sophie."


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