No More Of You

'When you fall in love, it's like floating on water but, when he/she breaks your heart it's like drowning. What's even worst is when the person you love the most, the person you spent everyday with, the person you seen on they're best day and they're worst… just leaves you. When God decides it's time for them to go, it's nothing you can do about it but, remember all the times you guys had together.'

"I'm lost without him, I can't find myself anymore. It's like I'm stuck in my own body," I chocked. She nodded. pity was clearly written all over her face.

Cally Evelyn was just the average girl, she was very beautiful and was happy all the time but, when her boyfriend passes away she just loses it. She is sad all the time and theres nothing anyone can do for her. When she starts to claim that she see her boyfriends spirit… people thought she went crazy but, in reality he wants her to move on.


7. Ch.7


      'Apple Juice, Apple Juice, I think I'm going to get some Apple Juice,' I thought getting up.

      I finally got up to walk to the fridge but, froze in my place. 'Cole?'


       "Callie," he whispered.

       "Wh-why are you here?" 

        Then he disappeared--just like that, out of plain air. Until, I felt cold fingers run across my neck. "Help me," he whispered, making me shiver. I cried knowing that he was in this room with me. "Shh, don't be afraid."

        "I'm not afraid," I whispered back. "I just missed you."
        I turned around hoping he won't disappear and he didn't. He was wearing a torn up shirt and wet cloths including his shoes. I turned to look towards the hall way only to see wet footprints…like he's not even dead.

        "Help me, Callie, please," he finally said in a normal voice instead of a whisper.

         "Do you know who killed you, Cole?" I had to ask.

          "Thats what I need help with."

           "Ok, we need to name off everyone we were close to and if they would do something like this," I suggested.


          I took out my scrap book sitting down. This scrap book had pictures with almost everyone me and Cole is close to. I opened it up to see the first picture of Darcy. "Ok, um Darcy is first," I stated even though I knew deep down she would never do that to Cole.

          "No, I don't think it's Darcy, she would never do that plus, I think it was a guy that murdered me…What girl is strong enough to pick up a guy and throw them in a lake? No actually, what girl can pick up me and throw me in a lake," He said emphasizing the word 'me'.

          I chuckled, same old Cole. "Ok, so Darcy is out. What about Seth?" I asked turning the paige. "I don't think it would be him either."

          "Agreed. He's my best friend."

           I stared at the picture of me, Seth, and Cole. I turned the paige to see the one and only Gracie. "Gracie is off the list to."


           I turned the paige again. "Logan…or Ryan?" This finally got his attention and he sat down beside me. I narrowed my eyes at him as he picked up the scrap book. "Why aren't you going through the scrap book or the chair?"

          "Are you being bias now Callie?" he asked, still staring down at the scrap book. He let out a small chuckle. "We as ghost don't always go through stuff but, people go through us."


           He laughed at my confusion. "We can disappear, though."

           "As I discovered. Anyway, do you think it's either Logan or Ryan?" I asked.

          "Good possibility. Logan hated my guts and even though Ryan is like my little brother, we didn't get along most of the time." Logan and Ryan is twins. They're like the bad brothers even though, one is worst then the other and that so happens to be Logan. Ryan gets sensitive at times. Cole and him were also, very close, but, they argued like Brothers.

         I walked to the fridge pulling out a Apple Juice. "This is going to take a while so, I might as well have an Apple Juice."





A/N: Fun Fact: Callie loves Apple Juice! :o




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