No More Of You

'When you fall in love, it's like floating on water but, when he/she breaks your heart it's like drowning. What's even worst is when the person you love the most, the person you spent everyday with, the person you seen on they're best day and they're worst… just leaves you. When God decides it's time for them to go, it's nothing you can do about it but, remember all the times you guys had together.'

"I'm lost without him, I can't find myself anymore. It's like I'm stuck in my own body," I chocked. She nodded. pity was clearly written all over her face.

Cally Evelyn was just the average girl, she was very beautiful and was happy all the time but, when her boyfriend passes away she just loses it. She is sad all the time and theres nothing anyone can do for her. When she starts to claim that she see her boyfriends spirit… people thought she went crazy but, in reality he wants her to move on.


4. Ch.4

The next day I made my way on the towns small library. Gracie own that library. I can go to her any time I need help or just simply need a talk. 

       "Callie, do you need a book?" Gracie asked smiling at me.

        "No thanks."

        "You haven't read ever sense Cole," she stated.

         I shrugged. "I don't feel like there's a need for books anymore." I love books and I used to come up here practically every weekend to read and check out a book or I wouldn't even need to check it out, I would just finish it in the library. 

        She gave me a look and moved over to the door switching the sign around to 'close'. 

       "What are you doing?" I asked.

        "I'm taking you to a little caffe across the street. You do like coffee don't you?"

         I nodded as she smiled at me.


We sat across from each other as she smirked at me. As you can tell Gracie is a strange woman but, she's very nice.

       "Callie, you can't just give up reading because, of Cole," She said.

        I sighed trying my best not to cry. I  looked up biting my lip when I felt my eyes watering. "I thought I seen Cole the other day."


      "No, don't say I'm crazy I know what I seen."

      "Where was he?" she asked completely surprising me. 

      I paused for a second. "I don't remember where, but, I saw a teenage boy on the street and walked out of my car tapping him on the shoulder and… and he turned around," I chocked covering my mouth. 

     Gracie sat beside me rubbing my back. "I just know it's him he disappeared out of plain air. I don't know if I'm just crazy, I actually saw him, or it's just for missing Cole to much."

     I put my head down crying.

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