No More Of You

'When you fall in love, it's like floating on water but, when he/she breaks your heart it's like drowning. What's even worst is when the person you love the most, the person you spent everyday with, the person you seen on they're best day and they're worst… just leaves you. When God decides it's time for them to go, it's nothing you can do about it but, remember all the times you guys had together.'

"I'm lost without him, I can't find myself anymore. It's like I'm stuck in my own body," I chocked. She nodded. pity was clearly written all over her face.

Cally Evelyn was just the average girl, she was very beautiful and was happy all the time but, when her boyfriend passes away she just loses it. She is sad all the time and theres nothing anyone can do for her. When she starts to claim that she see her boyfriends spirit… people thought she went crazy but, in reality he wants her to move on.


17. Ch.17

I went back to the library and checked out a book. It was the first book in the fallen series by Lauren Kate. I love her. She is a great writer.

    Now I'm at home reading quietly. It's like a small distraction and it makes me feel good. I smiled slightly when I got to a good part. I'm going to start reading from now on. Yea, that's what I'm going to do. 

    "You're a fast reader!" I jumped startled. There was a boy on the recliner on the other side of the room with a small smirk.

      "Who are you?!" I asked.

      "Relax." He smiled. He stuck a spoon in his pudding and forced it in his mouth.

      "How did you get in my house a-and is that my pudding?"

       He chuckled and leaned forward with his hands resting on his knees. "The door was unlocked, babe and it's my pudding now."

     "Why are you here?"

     "Oh. That's right!" He held up his finger like he just thought about something Important. "I was supposed to kill you." He shrugged. "But, you're to pretty to kill so, I'm not going to kill you."

     I stared at him in disbelief. "W-who sent you?"

     "I'm not suppose to tell you that but, I'm going to tell you anyway. Darcy Livens." Darcy! My friend Darcy? She would never do that to me…or would she?

      "I think you have a mistake."

      "Nope." He said popping the 'p'. "But, if she finds out you're not dead, she's going to kill me and you so, I'm going to take you out of here and I'm going to try and save you." He stood up, placing the pudding on the table beside him and stuck out his hand for me to take. "So, what do you think?" He asked.

     "You're a stranger and I don't trust you."

      "My name is Brayden. What's your name?"


       "I'm not a stranger anymore." He smirked.

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