No More Of You

'When you fall in love, it's like floating on water but, when he/she breaks your heart it's like drowning. What's even worst is when the person you love the most, the person you spent everyday with, the person you seen on they're best day and they're worst… just leaves you. When God decides it's time for them to go, it's nothing you can do about it but, remember all the times you guys had together.'

"I'm lost without him, I can't find myself anymore. It's like I'm stuck in my own body," I chocked. She nodded. pity was clearly written all over her face.

Cally Evelyn was just the average girl, she was very beautiful and was happy all the time but, when her boyfriend passes away she just loses it. She is sad all the time and theres nothing anyone can do for her. When she starts to claim that she see her boyfriends spirit… people thought she went crazy but, in reality he wants her to move on.


16. Ch.16

I gave Cale a harsh glare. 

   Gracie grabbed my hand and gave it a light squeeze. "Cale, I think you should go."

   He gave me a light smile and then turned towards the exit. I watched him walk away as I turned towards Gracie. 

    "What's going on?" She asked.

    "I think he killed Cole," I said.

    "You can't just jump to conclusions, Callie."

     I nodded glancing down, "I know."

     "I think you should move on. I'm not telling you to get over Cole."

     "I know you're not and you're right. I need to move on with life. He's gone now."

      "And he would want you to be happy," she said smiling.

       Maybe it was only a dream. I shouldn't of been rude to Cale like that. He's a family friend and one of Cole's best friend. He would never do that to Cole.

       "I will come back to check out a book but, I think I should say sorry to Cale," I said.

        "Alright, love. Be careful."



         Once I walked out, I got in my car to drive to Cale's place.


Cale opened the door after the third knock and grinned at me. "It's nice to see you here, Callie."

    His shirt was off and he had a cigarette in his hand. He was a good-looking guy maybe around his late twenties. "I just wanted to say sorry. I shouldn't of been so rude to you."

    He stuck the cigarette in his mouth and looked at me wearily. "It's fine. You can come in if you like."

    My stomach got tied in knots and I felt a little uneasy around him. "No, thanks." I smiled at him and started to walk back to my car. I just wanted to get far away from him as possible. 

    "I didn't kill Cole, Callie!"

     I turned around with shock. He was leaning against the door frame casually blowing smoke out of his mouth.

     "I never said you did, sir."

      He smirked at me. "I know." He turned around shutting the door behind him.

      I stood there shocked.



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