No More Of You

'When you fall in love, it's like floating on water but, when he/she breaks your heart it's like drowning. What's even worst is when the person you love the most, the person you spent everyday with, the person you seen on they're best day and they're worst… just leaves you. When God decides it's time for them to go, it's nothing you can do about it but, remember all the times you guys had together.'

"I'm lost without him, I can't find myself anymore. It's like I'm stuck in my own body," I chocked. She nodded. pity was clearly written all over her face.

Cally Evelyn was just the average girl, she was very beautiful and was happy all the time but, when her boyfriend passes away she just loses it. She is sad all the time and theres nothing anyone can do for her. When she starts to claim that she see her boyfriends spirit… people thought she went crazy but, in reality he wants her to move on.


12. Ch.12

                                                Sarah's POV.

I stared at the kid in front of me with disbelief. 

    "Is there an problem, miss?" he asked with sympathy.

     I stared at his facial features and noticed that he could in fact be my brother.

     "No, not at all."

      He gave me an small smile. I studied him. He had dark hair, blue eyes and an strong jawline like any girl would be lucky to date him.


                                         Callie's POV.

I rolled my eyes for about the fiftieth time today. "Look I let you stay here. You don't have to judge everything in the house!"

     He gave me an smirk. 


I laughed so hard as he spin me around. "I love you Callie."

   "I love you too, Cole." I was like an giggly teenage girl back then. 

    He smirked. All his imperfections were perfect with one little smirk. His dimple showed more on one side of his face. 


                               End Of Flashback

I dropped the papers I was holding and bent down to pick them up. It's the same. This boy in my house-- whoever he may be, looks exactly like Cole. He helped me pick up the papers and paused. "Cole," he whispered. "Who's that?" he asked casually glancing at me. 

     "My um, boyfriend."

      "Oh." He said glancing at the name again.

       "By the way, what's your name?" I asked.

       "Oh, yea I'm sorry I never introduced myself. Allen Jones." He said lending me his hand.

        My eyes went wide. That was Cole's last name! "Callie," I smiled.



That night I stayed up going over who have most likely killed Cole while Allen was in the guest room.


                                      Sarah's POV

I know it's sorta scary to walk in a cemetery alone at night but, for some reason I have that urge to visit my Mom's grave. I have been thinking about her a whole lot over the pass week.

     I knelt down in front of her grave and saw that the flowers were knocked off the grave. I bent down to pick up the flowers and place it back on the grave. 

   "Help," I glanced behind me to see an good looking kid around seventeen or eighteen. My heart skipped a beat. 'This is not good,' I thought. This was not the first time I have seen a ghost but, I have never went to an cemetery before in the middle of the night, so I don't know what to expect. 

     I just stared at him as he whispered the name 'Callie.' "Callie is in danger," he whispered.

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