This Strange Land of Midnight

Sinead seemed to have become trapped inside her computer game. Why is she ther? Why is it so hot? Why is it that female characters have to wear tight costumes in these games?


2. The Tower


As I was walking back towards the Tower, chewing on some chicken bone (at least I hope it was chicken), a cry went up and silence fell over the clearing. Everyone’s eyes were gazing up to the balcony. Stood there were the main four protagonists, Luxor, MorkinRorthron and CorlethRorthron, just to make sure everyone could see them, let loose with a volley of fireworks from the tips of his fingers. Oh you had to love a good mage. Rorthron may be totally useless as a character in Midnight, but he was a show off. 

‘People of Midnight, we are facing a grave situation’, Luxor said, his voice rock solid, the authority coming through clearly. 

‘The armies of Doomdark are amassed to the North of us. Soon they will invade us. I can’t tell you that this will be easy. The enemies to the north are united in their common goal, which is the eradication of all the warriors of the free. We in the south still have many differences and disagreements. I have enlisted the help of Corleth the Fey. He will try to get the Fey on our side. He realises that Doomdark will not let the Fey live freely in their midst.’ 

To be honest at this point I was letting the whole spiel wash over me. I’d played the game, I mean I’m a serious gamer, I’d even read the Novella that went with it. I knew all there was to know about the Land of Midnight, and in particular this conflict. I wasn’t being cocky, just confident. I was brought back to earth, or should that be Midnight, by the word Morkin. 

‘What was that,’ I said looking towards the soldier stood next to me. A waft of body odour came up, urgh I thought, not everything is sweet and light. 

‘He’s telling us about the Ice Crown 

Ah yes, the Ice Crown, one of the ways of defeating Doomdark, my attention sprang instantly back to Tower and Luxor. 

‘I will therefore be sending my only son Morkin north to recover the Ice Crown. He hast the skill and courage to evade the forces. He will not fail.’ 

‘No’, I heard a voice shout. I looked around to ascertain where it had come from. I then realised that it was me who had shouted. 

‘Who said that, bring them here,’ Luxor called from above. At that moment I wanted the ground to come up and swallow me. Although it was actually the soldiers near me who bundled me up and forced me towards the steps of the tower. It was surprisingly light in the tower, I don’t know why I noticed that at the time as I was being pushed rather roughly up the steps. One of the soldiers seemed to being a bit familiar with certain parts of my anatomy as well. I practically fell into the room, staggering I picked myself up to be confronted by the four of them.  

‘Why did you cry out’ Luxor asked, his voice as solid as ever. 

‘It’s certain death, he’ll never make it. It’d be better he went south to Xajorkith and help defend it from Doomdarks Army. It’s the only way to win’ 

It appears you have an admirer Morkin’ Corleth said. He spoke quietly, almost mocking Morkin. 

Morkin  was way too poor a character for this game. Many was the time I let him attack the evil skullkerin and get himself killed. You didn’t need Morkin to complete this game. Strangely though, in real life Morkin was quite good looking, a bit like Tom. I could feel myself blushing at the thought. Damned heat. 

‘See young lad, she blushes down to her ample bosom’ Corleth jested. 

I saw that my cloak had fallen open. I caught Rorthron leering at my body. How he’d gone from hero to zero in a few minutes. I pulled the cloak back into shape, adjusting my top which seemed to have come slightly adrift. Damn the lot of you I thought, I’m 14 years old not something to be leered at like a piece of meat. 

‘Enough you two’ Luxor said. ‘I sense that this young girl may be able to help us. She’s shows a maturity beyond her young years’ 

Luxor turned towards Sinead and looked her up and down as if appraising her. It was not a leer like Rorthron but a shrewd weighing up of her. 

‘Tell me more young lady’. Luxor said indicating towards a chair. 

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