This Strange Land of Midnight

Sinead seemed to have become trapped inside her computer game. Why is she ther? Why is it so hot? Why is it that female characters have to wear tight costumes in these games?


3. The Plan

Where to begin, I thought. I looked across at Luxor who was now sat across a huge wooden table from me. Somehow I was now dressed in a long flowing dress. It hid my body well although I don't know how I came to be in it. I looked around and saw that apart from Corleth the other two had gone.

‘I’ve got rid of that rascal Rorthron, Sent him south to recruit the wise or maybe just get stuck in a tower somewhere’ Luxor said with a laugh in his voice.

‘Morkin?’ I asked

‘He’s downstairs. He’s a good lad, but hopeless in the way of battle’ Luxor said, ‘where as you seem to understand far more than your tender age should indicate’

He looked again,’ Tell me what you think I should do. My generals tell me to stand and fight here on the Plain of Blood, a very apt name it may suggest’

I took my time. How did I explain that I’d played the game many times? I knew what worked and what didn’t. However, how could I explain what I thought and more importantly make him believe I knew.

‘Well, my lord, I would head south. If you attack Doomdark now then the free will lose the war.’

He raised his head in disbelief.

‘How can I run away’ he said pounding the table with his fist.

‘Not runaway, just regroup and draw Doomdark south’ I said quickly

I went over towards the map on the wall. I knew it well, I had a copy on my desk at home. I indicated all the castles and villages to the south and east.

‘Each of these castles and citadels have Lords and soldiers who are loyal either you or the Fey. I would recruit all you can and head for Xajorkith. Here on the plain you will be able to defeat Doomdark with sheer weight of numbers. Then you’ll be able to retake the rest of midnight.’ I said. Suddenly I felt faint. I leant against the wall as a wave of nausea hit me. Must be that chicken bone I thought, shouldn’t have trusted it, might have a bite worse than a Tesco burger.

Luxor sat back looking at Sinead. He stroked the dark beard on his face deep in thought.

‘I can see the logic in this’, he eventually stated. ‘Now tell me girl, how can you see such things?’

I found my way back to the chair, the nausea now abating. How did I explain it?

‘I guess you’re a far better mage than Rorthron’ Luxor eventually said, his face turning to a smile.

‘You will come with me and we’ll follow your plan, I’ll send Corleth off to recruit the Fey. Morkin can go with him. It’ll be good experience.’ Luxor decreed.

With that he stood up and headed for the steps. I sat there unable at the moment to move as another wave of nausea hit me. This time I couldn’t hold it in. Rushing to the fireplace I let go a torrent of vomit. Vomit is funny isn’t it? You get rid of it out of your body fast enough but you’re fascinated about what’s in the final product. Yep and the carrots, there’s always the carrots. I reckon that your body must store them somewhere. When it’s vomit time they wheel them out and mix them in. Yes sure enough there were the carrots. I felt better after getting rid of that and hurried downstairs to the outside of the tower before someone could pin the pool of sick on me, or should that be sick it on me. Must be feeling better.

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