It happend in Paris

This is a story that i wrote, and I really wanna share it with you!

-This is my first story, so please don't be mad if it's bad :p <3 <3


4. The next day

                                                                 The next day

The next day I woke up really early, everyone was still sleeping. So I just took a shower, and got ready. Today we were going to see Notre Dame. I was really excited, because the only time I have ever seen Notre Dame is from the movie; The Hunchback From Notre Dame.

I didn’t even know what the time was, so strangely enough I looked at the clock. It was only 8.30. so I just checked my Facebook, instagram and Twitter. When I looked on Justin’s profile on twitter he had tweeted “So excited for my show in Paris tonight!! Can’t wait to see all my #Beliebers!!”

I almost freaked out when my friend pushed me down the bed. She was clearly awake. And when I saw what time it was… Well didn’t feel like I had been stalking Justin for that long time, it wasn’t really. Only 30 minutes. Yep, I really do have a problem. But… it could be worse. When the others were ready we got down to the restaurant and ate breakfast. Today we were in quiet a hurry, because we had to follow the timetable our teacher had made. We took some of the breakfast with us, and ran out to the bus. I had my camera with me, it weren’t really mine but my fathers. He “send” it with me so I could take some good pictures, instead of only using my phone. So I instead of having them on my phone, print them out and put them on my wall. When we came on the bus it was very crowed. There was a lot of Beliebers; they were probably going to sleep outside the arena. I did it once, it was freaking cold, but it was worth it! I was right next to the stage. It was amazing!!                         I was right about the Beliebers, when we came up to the arena, where Justin was going to play everyone got out of the bus. So it was only my class there was left.

I hadn’t really been thinking about the concert today, but tomorrow I won’t be talking about anything else then Justin. Everything is going to be related to Justin… if that made sense.

 There weren’t really allot of people compared to The Eiffel Tower. We stayed there for a couple of hours. We got a tour inside, and it was all very beautiful and detailed. After the tour in the church, we did go down to this small café, where we got some hot chocolate and a piece of pie. We didn’t do allot on one day we had 14 days, and we sat two off to the concert. So we had 12 days to see history things and we had only spend two days and we had already seen; The Eiffel Tower, École militaire and Notre Dame. Yeah imagine if we had 50 days! We would see more then all that we are going too. The two days there was sat off for the concert, we were going to this amusement park before. Of cause not all had to go to the concert, but everyone wanted to come even them that didn’t like Justin Bieber.

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