It happend in Paris

This is a story that i wrote, and I really wanna share it with you!

-This is my first story, so please don't be mad if it's bad :p <3 <3


2. Our first day in Paris

After a couple of minutes we landed. Then we all got our luggage and when we came outside, where the mini busses were ready to drive us to the hotel. As we sat in the mini bus, “All around The World” by Justin Bieber came on. We turned up the music and were singing loudly, and the chauffer just looked at us with a smile, probably thinking, “They are so weird”. When the song ended, he turned the radio down and said; “You guys now that he’s going to play here in Paris?”, “Yeah it’s so cool!” I almost shouted. I was so freaking excited! It would be amazing if we could see him. All of us girls liked Justin Bieber, but I would like to say that I think I am the biggest Belieber. I couldn’t believe he was actually going to play a concert here in Paris. I wish we could go to the concert, but we didn’t have tickets and if we had, I don’t think we could go. It’s more than sad, it’s awful…

It was getting late, and finally we arrived at the hotel, and we were all really tired and just walked up to our hotel room, and ordered some pizza from room service. Then we just decided to go to bed, because it had been such a long day so we were so tired, and tomorrow we were going to see The Eiffel Tower, so we had to be fit as a fiddle.

                                                                The next morning

The next morning we had to get up really early, because The Eiffel Tower is such a attraction that there is people waiting to come in every day. We were sleeping 7 girls in one room, and there was cloths all over the floor. And today was only the first out of 14 days. It will probably be one big mess in 2 days. But we were all going to clean up when we got home. All of us 7 girls got ready and went down to eat breakfast. It was a very nice hotel we were staying at. It almost looked like a castle, like the one you see in movies, where everything is so pretty that you are scared to even walk on the floor! But we got down, and nothing broke, so I guess that’s good. We came down to what we thought was a restaurant, but that was the restaurant. We sat in these very pleasant and beautiful chairs. We all ordered croissant because that’s the only thing we knew what was. And we could just get something late if we got hungry. We finished our breakfast, and waited on the others. It was only 9.30 in the morning, so it was nice that we were in such good time, so we didn’t have to be in such a hurry. When everybody was ready we took a bus into Champ de Mars, and we would just walk the rest of the way so we could see the beautiful École militaire (School of Young Gentlemen) which is just right next to The Eiffel Tower.

It took about an 60 minutes to get to École militaire with the bus from our hotel. And as expected the was people everywhere! “Okay guys, it’s the same rules as in the airport; all of you stay to the group. No one joking around. No one should go alone, at least 2 together I’ll give you the address to our hotel, in case you would get lost” we all got a paper with our address. There is like people everywhere, so I think we all are going to stay to our group.

We finally came into the queue, and after we had stayed there for like 1 hour, I really had to pee and I wasn’t the only one. We asked our teacher if it was okay that we found a toilet if we were really fast. We didn’t think that the queue would move that much, just because we did go to the toilet. But we got “permission” to go to the toilet if we just hurried. We were 5 that ran all over the place to find a toilet. And we finally found one.

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