It happend in Paris

This is a story that i wrote, and I really wanna share it with you!

-This is my first story, so please don't be mad if it's bad :p <3 <3


3. OMG! I ran into...

When we got out of the toilet I toppled into someone. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…” then I looked to see who I was talking to. And I couldn’t believe it!! It was freaking Alfredo Flores and Ryan Butler!! TWO OF JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBERS BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!! I could cry right away knowing that maybe Justin was here somewhere!!! I just hugged them, and I think I was crying. Then my friends came out and just stared weirdly at me. They couldn’t see it was Alfredo and Ryan. They must have thought that I just hugged two strangers. “That’s okay” Ryan said, he then asked “Are you a Belieber?” I couldn’t do anything but just nod crazily. I was freaking out!! “Ohh… Do you have tickets to Justin’s concert on Thursday?” Alfredo asked. I couldn’t answer, I was just so happy! So my amazing friend answered “No, we don’t have any tickets, we are here with our class”,” If you could get tickets, would you then go?” my friend was just about to answer, when I screamed “YES” I was still freaking out. I couldn’t believe that I was actually was talking to them. “Do you have an address we could come to, if there is extra tickets?” I just straight ahead gave him the note to the hotel, and my friend wrote our room number down. I wasn’t able to write anything down. “It’s my birthday on Thursday,” I said. I wish that I had said something else than that, it was just so weird, and I was just so weird. I don’t remember what happened after that, we got pictures and then probably said goodbye, and walked back to the rest of our class. I was just so quiet the rest of the day. Of cause, I told everyone that we met Alfredo and Ryan. I just get it to fit in, like I met Alfredo and Ryan. I just kept going on repeat the whole day, all until we were home at the hotel. I really hope we didn’t have to get a test when we got home. Couse I was still freaking out, and I couldn’t remember anything that our teacher said later on that day. But one of my friends had been taking notes, so hopefully I could take a look at them, if needed.

We got back to our hotel rooms, so that we had a little time to relax… I still couldn’t, but I had to. After a little while we got down in the restaurant to eat dinner. When we came down there was two boys standing in the reception, and they looked allot like Alfredo and Ryan. I didn’t want to go over to them. I would be so awaked if it wasn’t them. I just walk into the restaurant when I heard someone calling my name. I turned around. It was my friend calling my name, but Alfredo and Ryan was standing next to her. I wish I could scream out how happy I was, but that wouldn’t be appropriate under these conditions. I then looked down at Alfredo’s hand. He was holding a gift. I was curious about what was in it, and who it was for. While I had been standing in my own thoughts they came over to me. Alfredo handed me the gift. I then started to tear up (again) “It’s to you from Justin and the rest of the crew” he said with a smile. Now I couldn’t hold back the tears. I couldn’t even keep track of all the amazing things that had happened in that day. “Open it!” my friends said who also was over here. Even my teacher was looking. This was really embarrassing. I looked down on the gift. It was a light purple box, with beautiful dark purple ribbon wrapped around. I then took of the ribbon, lifted the lid. First there was this little card, I opened it “Happy B- day soon. Hope you enjoy the giftJ” and the Justin’s autograph. I almost fainted. But then I realized there was more. I took a deep breath and looked. There it was!! 3 Meet & Greet tickets, and 25 concerts tickets. I was crying more than I did before. I couldn’t believe it!!

Later… well a couple of minutes later, when Alfredo and Ryan had left we finally ate. I was so hungry, but I couldn’t eat anything. I was just too excited for Thursday to come. Our teacher had given us permission to go to the concert. So now, he officially was the best teacher ever!!! Only two days until my dreams would come true!! One more time, I have been to a Justin Bieber concert before. And it was amazing!! I really think I have a problem… I couldn’t stop thinking if I maybe could be One Less Lonely Girl. Then my life, would be complete.





A/N Sorry I havn't been updating in a long time... But I am going to finish this movella, and then im gonna start a new one, that I hope you will read ;) <3 Im gonna post new chapters the next couple off days to this movella :D Hope you enjoy. ;) ;) <3

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