(Will be edited after Completion) Set in the distant future, where zombies have come out of movies and into reality, Lyssa has lived in The Compound her whole life, training for the day that she is able to go topside and destroy anything that stands in her way. (More detail will be added as more chapters are added)


6. Chapter 6

   I didn't realize I had actually started to move until I was already in the back of the truck. My senses slowly came back to me, so did the feeling of complete and utter cowardice.
   Delia is dead, a girl I have only known for not even a day and she is dead. She may not have been the kindest person to me but that doesn't mean that she deserved to die. The last thing she ever did was pull me up from my trance and try and get me to the truck, to safety, and because of those actions, we were careless enough not to notice the walker creeping up on us.
   She is dead because of me.
"I thought you had swept the area already?" Called the black haired boy from the front seat. . Talia and I were cooped up in the back seat with a guy who looked only a few years older than me, the guy who ran to Delia's side and cried out in agony and sorrow one he realised she could not be saved.
   "We did, they must have come through when we were waiting for you!" Talia replied, the black haired boy took a deep breath in, his chest shaking as he breathed out.
   "Who the hell is this?" He changed the subject once he realised he was partly to blame for this tragedy.
   "My name's Lyssa" I said, staring straight at the back of his head. My mind still pulling me in a   thousand directions, all those endless hours of training and I couldn't save her, I couldn't stop the walker from killing her.
   "Well, Lyssa, I'm Xavier and welcome to hell." Xavier...
   Why is that name so familiar?
   "Delia, she- She told me I had to talk to you" I said. His hands tightened around the wheel, I could see his face tighten from the side.
   “Why would she say that?” He almost growled
   “We found her in the bush; she pulled me down by accident” Talia called from beside me, I turned to face her, she was staring at me as if to say she didn’t blame me anymore. I guess she just had too many things running through her mind as well…
   Xavier let the whole thing go for the rest of the drive back to where ever they came from. I spent my time peering out the window, looking at what was once a thriving civilisation now appeared to me nothing more than a grey wasteland full of death and decay where ever you turned.
   At some point, we came across a road that led into a city. I hadn’t taken any notice of it as I had been fading in and out of consciousness; sleep was slowly taking over my bod. The city  looked as if it had been completely abandoned. Buildings and houses had bits of wood and metal hanging off them. This city looked like it had literally come out of one of the movies we used to watch before the infection spread.
   If I was any other person I knew seeing this place for the first time, I was sure there would be a tear falling from my eye by now. Instead of shedding a tear for the millionth time within a week, I was too stunned to show any form of emotion. I could feel my blank stare as I looked out the window.
   For a moment, only a moment, I could picture what this city used to look like. Instead of the dreary town it was not, I could picture the colour flowing through the streets, life radiating through the city, bringing life to a dead land. But that moment was gone as quick as it had come.
   “We have to pass through here to get back to the camp” Talia whispered to me, leaning against me so that she didn’t have to be pressed against the still crying man who held Delia.
   “How long has it looked like this?” I whispered back to her.
   “As long as I can remember, I was too little to remember whatever this place used to look like before the infection spread.” She looked down as she spoke, fiddling with her fingers. I wrapped my arm around her and let her lean against me, Xavier peered in the rear view mirror and I could see a small smile spreading across his face.

   Yep, this is the place.
   You don’t have to be a super genius to figure out that the place with wooden spears sticking out from its sides and metal spikes laced around the outside was the camp that we were going to. I could see a wall that featured poles of metal sheets and wood surrounding the area.
   “Stay by me when we get inside Lyssa” Xavier’s stern voice called from the front seat.
   The only reason I could think of as to why he would want me to stay close to him when we get inside is that people wouldn’t take kindly to me and would probably try to kill me with one of those spears at the front gate.
   Long shot, but it was the only thing I could think of at this point.
   “He’s just worried that Sal won’t like you” Talia said, ever so casually.
   “Who’s Sal?”
   My question was answered as soon as we passed through the gates. A young woman, who looked as though she had been put through hell, came barging through the crowd of people who had swarmed around us.
   “What the hell did I say about leaving without me? I told you I was coming with you!” She yelled through the glass. She hit her hand against the side of the truck and opened Xavier’s door for him. I think it was more to force him to hurry up rather than her just being courteous.
   Xavier barley moved at all, all he did was turn his head to face her. Talia hurried me out of the truck; she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the side where Sal and Xavier were facing off.
   “Sal, I don’t have the time or patience to deal with you today” He whispered.
   “Well where the hell is Delia? I bet she gave you an earful when she figured out that you tricked her!” Sal waved her hand through the air, her eyes enraged with fury.
   “Sal is Delia’s twin sister, this isn’t going to end well” Talia whispered to me, I could see a single tear fall from her eye.
   “Sal, I-” Xavier was cut off by Sal; She started to walk around the back of the truck, where Delia’s body was still laying.
   “Don’t even start Xavier, I don’t want to hear i-” You didn’t need to see her face to know exactly how she was feeling.  I could see just around the corner of the truck, just enough to see Sal stumbled over her feet. Seeing this, everyone who was once swarmed around Xavier now scurried over to Sal’s aid, gasping at the sight of Delia’s body. Sal turned and cried into one of the girls shoulders, sobbing hysterically. The guy who had sat next to Talia emerged from the truck and made his way over to Sal. He pulled on her shoulder and held her, they both cried together, comforting each other in their grief.
   My first day topside and I had already witnessed a death by a walker.

“Who the hell are yo?” Was the first thing Sal ever said to me.
“This is Lyssa” Xavier answered for me. I wanted to tell him that I was perfectly capable to answering simple questions myself, but Sal was already speaking.
   “What happened to Delia?”  Sal asked
   “She was bitten” Talia whispered from the corner of the tent we were in.
   “How the hell did walker get that close to her?” Sal asked, her eyes enraged with fury. Her hands formed fists and I could almost hear her counting to ten.
“She was trying to help me”
And that was the last thing I said to Sal before she punched me in the face so hard that the next thing I saw was stars, dancing around my eyes.


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