One Hour. (Short Story)

Short Story. In the distant future, society has been struck with a phenomenon that has wiped out most of the human race. Terra has been given her time, she knows how long she has to live, and one hour is just long enough for her to spend with her boyfriend who is going to live, while she dies.


1. One Chapter

1 hour. 
That is how long I have to live.

I don't know how long it has been like this, but ever since some scientist went crazy and developed the unknown disease that causes people to die, humanity has been in chaos.
  Family's broken, people living on the street, there are a very few who survive the disease, but if they do, they turn into a monster who can't control themselves, Zombies.
  Or at least that's what my boyfriend, Danny, likes to think.
  I walk out of the doctor's office with a grim look on my face as I scan over the heads of people waiting to hear their fate, if they will live or die the horrible fate.
  I am only two steps out the door when I hear my name being called.
  "Terra! Over here!" Danny calls from outside, holding the door open with his foot.
  I brush my hand through my hair and untangle it, walking awkwardly towards the door.
  Danny notices all of it, because as soon as I am outside he pulls me in for an embrace and doesn't let me go until I hear him sobbing into my shoulder.
  I pull him back and wipe away the tear streaming down his face, leaving a trail behind.
   "How long?" He asks. Trying to seem as though I didn't just watch him in his moment of weakness.
  "One hour." I utter. The look on his face turns from sadness into complete torment.
  He's already had his test, he's going to live, I am going to die and there is nothing we can do about it other than wait and pray I am not one of the few who come back.
  My chest starts to get heavy and I my fists clench into balls. I pull Danny back in and kiss him, as it is going to be the last time we are ever together again. There is no way around it, I'm not going to be that special 'one' who survives it and becomes our salvation, I am going to die.
  As we walk home we pass a couple, a woman laying down and a man kneeling beside her unmoving body.
  Even from this distance, you can hear his cries of sadness and anger, all of this, caused by one man who couldn't be happy until he had gone down in history as a man who cured cancer, but instead creating something that is slowly wiping out humanity.
  The ironic part of it all is that his own disease killed him, so there wasn't enough time for an angry mob to form and do it for him.
  If things had been different, I would have helped the man and covered the body, but if things had been different, this wouldn't be occurring in the first place.
  Danny tugs on my hand and pulls me away from the scene, I'm not sure if it was because I would be in the same place as the woman in under an hour, or if it was because he would be in the same position as the man.
We would have gone home, only there is no home to go to, it was transformed from a small, one bedroom apartment into a clinic for more scientists to figure out how to cure this.
   No parents to call and deliver the tormenting news to, because they were taken by the exact same thing, there is only one thing in the world that has kept me going all this time, Danny, and I am about to leave him forever.
We spend almost an hour walking around the same park, reminiscing over how we met, how he told me he loved me and kissed me so passionately that I thought my head would explode.
   Tears started to stream down my face, just as I started to wipe my face, I felt my finger tips go numb.
   My body instantly going into shock, this is it.
   My one hour is up.
  It's time.
   I quickly grabbed Danny's face and kissed him one last time, felt his body against mine for the last time and said goodbye.
I heard his screams as I fell back onto the cold, damp grass. Although I was paralyzed, I could still hear Danny, screaming to the world just how cruel it was.
   I wanted to cry, oh how I wanted to cry, to take him into my arms and tell him how it would all be ok, but that just wouldn't happen.
   I felt myself fading away, my body stiffening, Danny pulling me up and cradling me in his arms.
   My last thoughts were of how desperate I am not to come back, not with him so close, to just be left to die and forever be at peace.
   That was all I could think of as my last seconds of life were being taken from me so quickly.
   Darkness, Darkness was all I could see. I was no longer Terra, but I could still feel.
   Then I opened my eyes and saw Danny, and in a split second, his look of sadness and despair turned into a look of Fear and Terror.  

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