my life


2. chapter two

 I saw my mom busy doing her business presentations. I sit beside her and say” hi mom, had your dinner?”

She sighed “not yet. I have a lot of work to complete yet.”

“Ok mom I am sleepy, I will talk to you tomorrow”

“Ok sweetheart good night”

“Good night mom”

I gave a kiss on her cheek and left for my room. I went to my room and turned on facebook. I saw my messages. I got a message from Sara my cousin in Texas. “Hi Darcy How are you” 

Sara is my mom’s sister’s daughter. We rarely meet.

“Fine. What about you?”

“I’m fine too. We are planning to come to New York this Christmas”

  “That’s great”

“I know! We both can have a lot fun”

 “Ok I’ll chat with you later. Bye good night”

“Ok bye good night”

I signed out and turned off the computer and slept.


It was a beautiful autumn evening and I was sitting under a tree with full of golden coloured leaves listening to music. I see a guy wearing brown jeans and a black T coming to me. He has silky black hair and green eyes. He was gorgeous. He comes and sits beside me on the bench.

“Hi Darcy” He come near and kisses my cheek and I kiss him back on his cheek.

My alarm rang and I woke from the dream. I was amazed. I was still thinking about the dream, I don’t know who he was I couldn’t see his face I could only see his eyes, those attractive green eyes staring at me.

Suddenly my mom called, I shaked my head and went down for breakfast. My mom was spreading peanut butter on the toasted bread. I gave her a light kiss on her cheek and helped her in the breakfast. My mom asked me “Are you okay?”

I nodded my head and said “Yes, I’m fine. Why?”

“I think you didn’t get a good sleep”

“No, I’m fine”

I went to my car black Porsche. Actually my mom uses it but nowadays she is going by her scooty. I started my car and turned to the corner of my street to pick up Vincy. she wanted to come with me.

I stopped in front of her house and messaged her to come out. She came out immediately with her bag hanging on her left shoulder and setting her black hair with her right hand. She was wearing a knee top skirt and a pop star shirt which I gifted it to her on her last birthday.

She came to the car and got in.

“Hey Vincy”

“Hey Darcy”

“Shall we start?”

“Ya, sure”

Vincy puts a lot of makeup, though it suits her very well. I start the car within fifteen minutes we reached the school. Vincy gets down and I go park my car. While parking I see a new car which I never came across.

I locked my car and made my way back to Vincy while still thinking whose car it was. It was black and beautiful though I don’t know the name. I saw Vincy waiting for me and I went to her. “Vincy, Is there any new student in our college?”

She replied while still setting her hair on her shoulders “I’m not sure but I heard there is a new guy in our school. Why?”

“Nothing I saw a new car in the parking lot so I asked if some new student joined our college”

Our conversation was interrupted by a bell which means it’s time for our class. Vincy went to her class and I turned to go to my class and that is when I saw the guys whom I call crazy crew coming toward me. I turn my back towards them and walk to my class.

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