my life


3. Chapter three

It was our first class and it was physics. I . I go to class and take my seat near a window and I was staring at the car which I saw while I was parking. After five minutes I was interrupted by a guy’s voice

“Excuse me?” I turned towards him


“Can I have my seat here please?”


I felt like I saw him somewhere, but I couldn’t remember. I think he is the new student,

“may I know your name?”

 I replied with a smile “Darcy and yours?”

“Nice to meet you Darcy I’m Rex and I’m new to this college”

I couldn’t control myself my words came out immediately “Is that black car yours?”

He gave a small grin which makes him look gorgeous. He has silky brown hair, green eyes and was wearing a black jeans and a white T.

“Yes, it’s mine”

I was excited “I like your car a lot. It’s beautiful”

He gave a small laugh and said “I know it’s beautiful. I like it too”

“Where do you live?”

“I used to live in New York but now I shifted to Dallas”

“That’s great”

“But I miss my friends there. Anyways, where do you live?”

“I live in streetno2. It’s nearby.”

The bell rang which means physics class is done. 

I asked him “Are you comfortable?”

He replied with a sigh “Not really. But I will get used to this college soon”


 We left the class together. We made our way to the canteen. I saw Vincy waiting at our table. We both joined her.

“Vincy this is Rex”


“Rex this is my best friend Vincy”


“So are you the new guy in the college?”


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