An Eye for an Eye

Georgia is abnormal girl altogether. But wierd enough to be a destined serial killer? That's far-fetched. But what if, just what if, she was.


4. The Profits and Elites

An Eye for an Eye

Chapter 4

Trees scraped my cheeks as I walked through the dark, menacing forest in order to find Jeff. Owls hooted like prepubescent boys as I walked by them. After my little experiment with the officer (don’t ask), I decided to take a little walk in the woods. I was in an extreme panic mode when I saw the news.


Jeff wasn’t found at the club, nor were the other three. A whopping eighty-three people died that night, only ten (including myself) escaped the bitter grasp of death. I don't give a single fuck about the people who died, only the ones who got away.


Never in my entire nineteen years have I had so many questions only four people could answer. “Jeff, are you here?!” I screamed out into the threatening abyss. I’ve been out here for too long, and if I find out he wasn’t here in the first place, I’m going to freak. I am responded with a chilling wind that numbs my eyelids. “This is hopeless.” I pulled my hood up to keep out the aloof, winter air and spun around only to be met with a beautifully sculpted mansion.


I ran up to the front doors without hesitance and banged three times. “Is anyone home? I need help! I’m lost and cold!” I shouted. If I were a witch, I could just wave my wand and let the doors fly open, but I’m not so yeah. I placed a hand on one of the cherry wood doors, opening it slightly. “Look, if anyone is home, I’m coming in!” I shout as I shuffle into the surprisingly warm home. The interior was incredible, a fireplace dimly lighting the whole space. But the smell, it was so awful. It smelt of rotted girls and boys.


“Ahh, fuck.” My words were muffled with the collar of my hoodie. “Why did you come in? This is private property, get out or I’ll call the police.” A loud, manly voice boomed through the house. This was shortly followed with manic laughter. “Oh, Offendy! You do know how to make me laugh!” I didn’t recognise this voice. “This girl, is she the new profit you’re oh, so fond of, Jeff?” Another feminine voice is heard. “It can’t be her, she got away. Such a pity, the police showed up in no time. She’s probably valued in society, pretty girl like that.” Ben’s voice muttered loud enough for everyone to hear.


I pulled a metallic object from the pocket of my jumper. “Who is there? I’ll....spoon you!” I looked down and saw the metallic object in my hand was indeed a spoon. The mansion is soon filled with shrill laughs in which I can’t find the source of. I began to panic, trying to open the front door only to find that it’s locked. Voices beckoned me in my head. “You can’t get out, Georgia. Just like all the clubbers couldn’t get out. You’re going to die tonight. It’s inevitable.”


My mind screamed out that I was insane, and I believed every word of it. I let out a huge, bellowing scream for no reason at all. “Oh, she has a set of lungs on her....” A voice muttered. “SILENCE!!” The most empowering voices of them all boomed over anybody who dared to speak, now or anytime in the future. “What is this entire ruckus?! We lost a new profit today because of Sally’s ignorance! I told you all to be quiet and go kill something!” I cowered in my shadow. Each other voice’s bodies emitted themselves from the dark.


All kinds of freaks made their way into my line of vision. Men with masks and no eyes, women with no eyes and carved smiles, tall men dressed in attire from the fifties and forties and, the most horrifying of all, Jeff. “Ahhh, she is a Feline. I can smell it. They do tend to be whores, don’t they Ben?” The girl with a carved smile asked the man dressed as Link from earlier. “Oh, and she is! I saw her doing very sensual things with a police officer. She started purring and dismissed it as her ringtone!”


I covered my chest defending. I was not a whore, and I slept with Brock for scientific purposes. Jeff’s eyes turned a whole shade deeper. “Here, Kitty-Kitty! Show Jeff what you did to the kind officer.” Jeff’s smirk popped off his face (metaphorically), showing his yellow teeth. “Now, now children. Don’t scare her away. She is our new friend, our lethal friend.” Slenderman said. I started to crawl away from the menacing people. “Awl, how adorable. She even crawls like Jeff!” The carved girl snickered. She soon made her way over to me, pulling my hair. I unknowingly let out a loud hiss.


“Don’t touch me, you slutty whore!” I screamed, tackling her to the ground. She collided with the floor, head-first. “And she likes being on top, like Jeff! And believe me, I would know.” And that's when I lost all control. Her face was smashed into the tile flooring of the mansion, leaving blood stains everywhere. When I gave her a break, she pounced on me (like the ungrateful little shit that she is.) “You can’t fight! You can’t even keep a man! You’re a hopeless, purring freak!” She wrapped her sinewy hands around my throat. My hands found hers, talons outstretched, and dug into her hands.


The blood shot out like a spectacular fireworks show. She released her grip and ran into the corner with cowardice. “Well, I think you might have to excuse me. I need to go heavily masturbate.” Ben groaned, rubbing his green jeans. I rolled my eyes and picked up my backpack. More questions have risen since that fight. Why am I wolverine? How did I grow claws? And why did I lose it when she brought Jeff into the fight? Ben ran from the room. “Well, I’m going to head off now. I don’t think she likes me very much.”


I gestured towards the girl curled up on the floor, observing the damage I did to her hands. “Nobody really cares about her; she backstabs us all the time. She’s the devil reincarnated.” Sally spoke up from behind the entire crowd. “Well...Sally? I have to go home and check on my boyfriend.” I made the entire boyfriend thing up, but anything to get out of this demonic mansion. Sally’s face fell and the back door was slammed, indication that Jeff left. “You’re lying. The way you said boyfriend, it was filled with seething hatred for yourself. You don’t like that tool you banged at your house. You like someone else.”


He had half of that statement true, but the other half was nothing short from wrong. I don’t like Brock at all, he showed nothing but arrogance when we did the dirty. “I don’t like anyone. Or anything.” I walked towards the doors, but a loud crash up stairs stopped me. “Why am I different? What am I? I’ve never had a boyfriend; I’m not remotely like other girls in Essex. I even have a completely different accent. I’ve never felt welcome here, like everyone else knows something that I don’t.”


“You’re a feline, Georgia. You were born when two profits made love. And a profit is one of us, the psychos you see in this room. But you’re different. You’re an elite profit. Like myself. One day you will rule the profits, and that is inevitable. Once an elite profit turns 21, they take the place of the current elite. You’re very lucky, Georgia, to have such an amazing race. Like the men, you’re a killing machine. But you have a beautiful appearance. You’ll live for thousands of years, or however long it takes to find a replacement.”


“How long do normal profits live?” I ask the tall man with supple knowledge. “The normal length of a human, unless an elite falls in love with them. Then they live until elite dies.” I sat down at the large intake of information. I was the new leader of these hooligans. I could make every decision for them. I could live for an eternity.



This was going to be fun as fuck.




Hey guys, I made up all of this information by myself, so if there is some form of royalty in CPs, I’m sorry for misusing it. I know that most creepys live forever, but this was more original and enticing.


Thanks for readin, I love you guys more than possible!


Lexi xx

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