Michael's Sister

Eleanor Clifford A.K.A Eleanor James is the sister of Michael Clifford from 5SOS. She's bullied and only has two friends, Lisa Clark and Rachel Willis. She doesn't talk to anyone apart from Michael, Lisa and Rachel. Not even her best friends know she's Michael's sister. Michael introduces her to the rest of 5SOS, but when she speaks for the first time, will she continue with talking?


8. Chapter 8...

We arrived at a house and knocked on the door. The door opened and there stood a topless Luke.

"Luke, we're going out today. Do you and Cal want to come?" Ashton smiled.

"Sure, I'll go get Cal and get dressed!" He walked inside and we followed.

"Oh my Lashton!" I said, amazed. "This house is massive!" Calum was stood in front of me. His face was shocked when I spoke. 

"I don't know what happened but well done to whoever made Eleanor talk!" Calum laughed. I just looked down and giggled.

"Luke made her talk and I helped her gain confidence!" Ashton smiled.

"That's sweet! So, are you gonna start talking at school or..." Shit, I totally forgot about talking at school!

"I don't know, probably not." I say. Luke and Cal were ready now so we went outside. I saw a few girls from my school and instantly got scared, so I grabbed Ashton's hand.

"What's that for?" he whispers in my ear.

"Just, I'm scared! What if I see Mitchell and Alex!" I say.

"Then you've got us" he smiles and kisses my head. I just giggle. Do I possibly have feelings for Ashton?

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