Michael's Sister

Eleanor Clifford A.K.A Eleanor James is the sister of Michael Clifford from 5SOS. She's bullied and only has two friends, Lisa Clark and Rachel Willis. She doesn't talk to anyone apart from Michael, Lisa and Rachel. Not even her best friends know she's Michael's sister. Michael introduces her to the rest of 5SOS, but when she speaks for the first time, will she continue with talking?


7. Chapter 7...

"Wake up!" I heard a voice whisper in my ear. I opened my eyes and there stood Ashton.

"Morning!" He smiled.

"Morning." I laugh.

"Wanna do something with us today?"

"Sure. Let me get dressed first." I smile. 5SOS are pretty famous in Sydney, so going out is rare. I choose my polkadot top and high waisted jeans. I slip on my Vans and go downstairs, met my Michael and Ashton, well not exactly because they couldn't see me.

"What were you doing sleeping in my sister's bed, Irwin?" I heard Michael shout.

"I don't know Michael! I just fell asleep!" I didn't want to hear any more so I walked in and laughed.

"Morning Mikey!" I smile.

"What's gotten into you?" He says, shocked.

"Oh. I talked to Luke and you're right! He helped me speak!" I smile

"Good! So, are you coming out with us today?"

"Wouldn't miss it! Going out with my brother and his best friends..." I laugh. I got a weird look from Ashton.

"Oh my Lashton! Not like that, you're such a little kid, Ashton!"

"Wait, did you just say Lashton?" Michael laughed. 

"Yeah, why?"

"Doesn't matter!"

"Right!" I say.

"So, lets go get Luke and Calum!" Ashton says.

"Lets go!" I laugh.

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