Michael's Sister

Eleanor Clifford A.K.A Eleanor James is the sister of Michael Clifford from 5SOS. She's bullied and only has two friends, Lisa Clark and Rachel Willis. She doesn't talk to anyone apart from Michael, Lisa and Rachel. Not even her best friends know she's Michael's sister. Michael introduces her to the rest of 5SOS, but when she speaks for the first time, will she continue with talking?


6. Chapter 6...

"Do you wanna talk 'bout it?" Luke smiled.

"Uh.... sure?" Oh Lashton! More talking!

"So, how did it start?" He asked, walking into my messy, All Time Low and My Chemical Romance poster covered room.

"U-U-Uh, I don't really know! Since I started liking ATL and MCR." I think I'm getting used to talking to Luke now. 

"Wait, you like ATL and MCR? Couldn't have guessed." Luke laughed, sitting on my bed.

"Shut up!" I giggled. My door opened slightly and there popped Ashton.

"Uh, Luke. You need to go. You and Cal are going home. Mike let me stay here." Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I need Luke! I can't talk to anyone but Luke!

"Okay. See you El, talk soon?" Luke smiled. Damn, that smile could brighten up a dark room!

"Sure" I say quickly. Ashton looked shocked that I actually spoke in front of him. Luke walked out of my room, leaving me with Ashton.

"So, urm, gotten used to talking now?" Ashton smiled.

"Uh, yeah. I guess." I say, quietly.

"That's good!" He laughs. I yawn, but try to hide it. 

"You tired?" I just nod, too tired to talk. I jumped on my bed and layed down. Ashton layed next to me. And that's how I fell asleep, next to Ashton Irwin. 

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