Michael's Sister

Eleanor Clifford A.K.A Eleanor James is the sister of Michael Clifford from 5SOS. She's bullied and only has two friends, Lisa Clark and Rachel Willis. She doesn't talk to anyone apart from Michael, Lisa and Rachel. Not even her best friends know she's Michael's sister. Michael introduces her to the rest of 5SOS, but when she speaks for the first time, will she continue with talking?


2. Chapter 2...

"OMG! I didn't know you like 5SOS!" Rachel whispered to me. I just laugh and get on with my painting, trying to remember what colour hair Michael has.

"Hello? Earth to Eleanor James!" Rachel laughed. I turned my head to face her, not wanting to talk because Alex sits near her. I make a 'mmh' sound.

"I said, how much do you like 5SOS?" I giggle a bit, of course she doesn't know my secret.

"More than you think." I whisper. Alex must have heard because he turned his head towards us.

"Ew, the freak just talked!" he exclaimed. Fuck. I really want to scream 'I'm not a fucking freak!' but they'll just laugh more. I felt tears in my eyes, but I wipe them away, getting on with my painting. Michael's hair was coloured in, all the crowd was drawn in and now I need to finish Michael's guitar. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and read the text.

'Make sure you come straight home tonight. I want to see your artwork. Love from Michael xxx'

I smile and finish my painting, writing 'Made by Eleanor Clifford' really small at the bottom. I don't care if Rachel sees it because I'll just lie and say Michael's my favourite member, which isn't a lie really! The bell rings, signaling break. Finally, I get to see Lisa!

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