Michael's Sister

Eleanor Clifford A.K.A Eleanor James is the sister of Michael Clifford from 5SOS. She's bullied and only has two friends, Lisa Clark and Rachel Willis. She doesn't talk to anyone apart from Michael, Lisa and Rachel. Not even her best friends know she's Michael's sister. Michael introduces her to the rest of 5SOS, but when she speaks for the first time, will she continue with talking?


10. Chapter 10...(edited)

After going into a few more shops, we walked back to mine and Michael's place. It's nice out so, why not. I go to my room and placed my bags down. I laid down on my bed and sighed. Ashton joined me minutes later. 

"What took you so long?" I joked.

"I was just getting you something." Ashton smiled.

"Oh. And what is that?" I asked, curious.

"This." He says and grabs me. He leans in and soon enough, we're kissing. I didn't hesitate to kiss him back. He pulls away and looks into my eyes. He smiles and so do I. Oh my god, no.

"I've been wanting to do that ever since we met." He smiled.

"Oh. But we only met yesterday?" I giggled.

"Yeah, exactly. I've literally loved you since I first saw you" He stated.

"No no no, this can't be happening.This isn't supposed to happen, I'm meant to be best friends with you guys, not kiss you!" I nervously rambled. 

"El, it's fine. Calm down." He grabbed my hand.
"Don't touch me, I don't want you anywhere near me." I hissed, I know I might be overreacting a bit but this can't happen. "Is it some sort of joke? You guys have a bet on, don't you?! Who can kiss little vulnerable Eleanor first. I should've never talked, I shouldn't have talked, I shouldn't have talked." I stormed downstairs, Ashton following.

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