Paradox One Shots

This is a set of One Shot, short stories that give my Paradox readers a little bit more information to the characters of the story.


1. QuickShot

Quickshot is a character from my series, Paradox Heroes. Most of you don't even know who the main Super hero is yet, but through a few one shots I plan on explaining the heroes of my stories. Quickshot is our main super heroes' sidekick. He is a senior in high school with a little bit of military knowledge due to his family's long military history. The training comes with the knowledge. His abilities will be show in this one shot.



The sound of metal against stone echoed off the cave walls. Water dripped from the ceiling and into small pools around Quickshot. Hourglass lifted his blade from the floor and ran his tongue across it. His eyes never left Quickshot's.


"If you couldn't tell..." He taunted, letting his eyes go over the drenched clothing that clung to Quickshot's body. "The water is salty." Hourglass was Quickshot's worse enemy. Just like his mentor's villain, Mistress Minute, Hourglass had the ability to manipulate time. The only problem was, it wasn't worldly time, it was the time someone had to live. The moment Hourglass made skin to skin contact, he had control over how long you lived.


Sadly, he also got Mistress' mouth.


"You're not as quick as I thought, Quickshot." He knelt down next to Quickshot's shivering body, taping his sword to the chains that held his enemy in place. "Why would Morph Master give you a name like that, if you can't even live up to it." Hourglass laughed as he leaped away from Quick's headbutt.


"That's not very nice Quick, so I suggest you start playing fair." He slammed his fist into Quick's stomach, throwing every bit of air from his lungs and into Hourglass' face. Hourglass laughed and swung his metal staff like a bat against Quick's head.


Quick's vision blurred and sparkled as he tried to stay focused. He knew he could take a beating, but never expecting Hourglass to have any kick in him. He spit blood onto the floor, and cracked a weak smile before looking up at Hourglass.


"Tell me you've got more than that." Hourglass looked furious and raised his staff once again to deliver another blow, but Quick was ready this time. He manipulated the chains into a small pistol, aiming the barrel at the staff's glass top. He let one shot ring off the cave walls before the sound of shattering glass echoed more horrifyingly in Hourglass' ears.


"My staff!" Hourglass sent a murderous gaze to where he figured Quickshot still sat. Quick had already made his way behind his enemy and kicked the back of his knees. He grabbed Hourglass' shoulder and flung him to the ground with enough force to make both of their worlds shudder for a moment. 


Quick waited for the world to fall still before he let go of Hourglass. He threw his staff to the side and aimed the pistol at his head. Hourglass looked up and smiled innocently.


"I know what you would like to do..." He shook his head and taunted him even further. "So just do it..." Quick's hands trembled slightly. It would be easy to just end things right here, to never again face Hourglass in battle. It would be so easy to just pull the trigger and walk away.


"Do it!" Hourglass yelled, making Quick shot the gun as he flinched from surprise. The cave grew quiet again, and the sound of water trickling was again the only sound left in the cave. Quick looked at the hole in the ground beside Hourglass' head and both boys stared at each other for the longest moment. 


Quick put the gun on his belt before finally leaving Hourglass. He walked towards the cave mouth, or at least in the direction he thought the mouth was, and never turned around to see what Hourglass was up to. He didn't even turn around to respond to him.


"You missed, Quick." Hourglass said after him, making Quick slow his pace to a halt. For a moment Quick was silent, thinking about grabbing that gun and finishing the job this freak so desperately asked for. He finally laughed and shook his head.


"Missed?" He questioned before walking away again.

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