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Rebeca and Niall were best friends but he left off to the X-Factor without telling her but he left without him knowing that she love him. After two years he comes back into her life, but now that he is back she has a perfect boyfriend named Adam. Will Rebeca start developing feelings for Niall again or will she stay with Adam? Read to find out more.....


5. Talking

Rebeca's pov

I was talking to one of my best friends who's name is Daisy she also worked at Starbucks. But then I heard the bell signaling that a new customer had just came in, but would have never expected him the guy who was my best friend since we were small, the one who left to the X-Factor without telling me the guy I loved with all my heart......... Niall Horan. I went behind the cashier to take his order hoping he would notice who I was. 

" may I take your or- " I got cut off by Niall 

" Rebeca?" He said 

" oh Niall hey how are you doing? It's been a long time since I haven't seen you eh" I responded 

" I've been good but yeah it has been a long time I missed you so much"  he said 

" I missed you to but I have to get back to work so can I get your order?" I said 

After he told me what he wanted & paid for his drink. 

" hey we should catch up so can I have your number?" He asked   

" yeah sure it's ( add phone number here) well I guess I'll see some other day to catch up on things?" 

" Yeah I'll see you soon Rebeca well bye" 

" bye Niall "

I couldn't believe that I had just seen/talked to my old best friend.


Niall's pov 

I couldn't believe that I had just talked to Rebeca I still have feels for I tried moving on but I couldn't I still love her with all my heart. I just hope she's not taken but I couldn't wait to see her & catch up on things. I had just gotten home, I went inside the living room where all the lads where in 

" well someone seems happy eh?" Said Louis 

" yes I am guess who I just saw" I responded

" Demi Lovato?" Shouted Harry 

"no I didn't, but remember that i told you Guys i had a best friend named Rebeca that i loved?"

" Yeah we remember" they all said

" well I saw her at Starbucks today & I got her number so that we can keep in touch & catch up on things" 

" do you still love her man?" Asked Zayn 

" yeah I haven't stopped loving her since we were best friends" 

"but is she still single?" Asked Liam

" I don't know, well I'll ask her when we meet up but I think I'm heading to bed I'm tried from the whole trip well goodnight boys" 

everyone had said their goodnights to me that night I went to sleep with a smile on my face:) 


Hey girls I'm back I hope you like the chapter sorry again I couldn't updated earlier but my brother came over with my niece & yeah I couldn't updated up I think imma update every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday for sure now. Well goodnight people!:) remember to comment I want to know what you guys think so far xx

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