Our Story

Rebeca and Niall were best friends but he left off to the X-Factor without telling her but he left without him knowing that she love him. After two years he comes back into her life, but now that he is back she has a perfect boyfriend named Adam. Will Rebeca start developing feelings for Niall again or will she stay with Adam? Read to find out more.....


6. Meeting up

Rebeca's pov

The day I saw Niall I got to leave early so I spent more time with Adam. I got home, I couldn't believe my eyes there were rose petals leading me to the kitchen where I saw the table set up nicely. 

"Adam?" I called out but I got no response. All of a sudden I felt hands wrap around my waist. 

"hey babe do you like it?" He said while he was kissing my neck.

"No I don't like it.......I love it!" I said 

"Why don't we have dinner & see were this leads us." He said with a wink 

 "yeah let's have dinner first" 

After we ate we washed the dishes where a water fight started & it ended with a us making out. Adam pick me up & walked to our room without making our lips separate. 

When we hit to the room he laid me down softly on the bed & placed his body on top of mine. He moved his kisses down to my neck & bit on it softly I knew I would have marks on it the next day. He then moved back to my lips. 

" I.love.you" he said in between kisses 

"I love you too Adam"

let me just give you a hint in that room that night magic happened;) 


Niall's pov 

I was in the flat with the lads we were watching movies but we were all joking around not even paying attention to the movie which at the moment was Toy Story not my fault Liam chose it. But we were all talking, & laughing having a blast of a time. But then I would space out & think about Rebeca god I love her so much. I honestly can't wait until I see here again.


So the chapter is up yay well hope you like it plz comment well I'll see you on Saturday. Well anyways thanks xx

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