Our Story

Rebeca and Niall were best friends but he left off to the X-Factor without telling her but he left without him knowing that she love him. After two years he comes back into her life, but now that he is back she has a perfect boyfriend named Adam. Will Rebeca start developing feelings for Niall again or will she stay with Adam? Read to find out more.....


2. Forever & Always

Rebeca's pov

Niall & I were best friends until he auditioned for the X-Factor without even telling me. I called him everyday but it went straight to his voicemail. He didn't know I that I would cry myself to sleep every night. After a few days I was told that he was put into a boyband called One Direction he had made it through I was glad he did because it was his dream to become a singer, but I was still hurt that my best friend didn't tell me that he was going to audition for the X-Factor. He broke our promise on being best friends forever & always. He also left without knowing I loved him. 


Niall's pov 

I was put into One Direction when I auditioned for the X-Factor. But I missed my best friend Rebeca she helped me through tough times & I couldn't tell her i was going to audition for the X-Factor it would have been hard to say goodbye to each other. She would call me everyday but I couldn't answer because I knew I would start crying if I heard her voice. It pained me that I broke that promise we made when we were about 13 years old but it was my dream on becoming singer & it was finally coming true. I missed her so much, I loved her to death, I could have told her I loved her but I was scared it would have ruined our friendship.


Well hello guys I know this chapter is short but the next one would be longer I couldn't make it longer because it was midnight here were I live at so yeah hope you guys liked it & plz comment I would like to know what you guys think so far well bye love you all xx

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