Our Story

Rebeca and Niall were best friends but he left off to the X-Factor without telling her but he left without him knowing that she love him. After two years he comes back into her life, but now that he is back she has a perfect boyfriend named Adam. Will Rebeca start developing feelings for Niall again or will she stay with Adam? Read to find out more.....


7. Authors note

hey I'm sorry I haven't updated but it's because this important test✏️📓📖📚 is coming up & I have been studying🔬, it's all for high school & stuff so yeah I need to be focused a lot &  I also have been having problems with this girl 👧⬅️that says bad things about me & my bffs so I also have to deal with her & I promise that I'll update as soon as I can but plz just wait for bout a week or so well I need to go to bed now so bye👋 my one direction lovers❤️

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