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Rebeca and Niall were best friends but he left off to the X-Factor without telling her but he left without him knowing that she love him. After two years he comes back into her life, but now that he is back she has a perfect boyfriend named Adam. Will Rebeca start developing feelings for Niall again or will she stay with Adam? Read to find out more.....


3. 2 years after


Rebeca's pov

It's been two yeas since I haven't seen Niall, a year after he left I moved to London and found a job at Starbucks(always wanted to work there hehe). There I met my perfect boyfriend Adam we've been dating for about a year. I love him so much but Niall will always be special to me a best friend i'll never forget. I would see Niall on magazines and on tv now  one direction was the biggest boyband in the world. Today I had to go to work ugh sometimes I hate waking up early but hey I needed the money. I had to get ready for work so I took a shower, put on my working clothes, did my hair in a high pony tail, and did my make up but I only put on mascara and eyeliner. Then I went downstairs to eat breakfast, but to my sight I saw that my amazing boyfriend had already cooked breakfast.

I walked in the kitchen and said " good morning babe" he said "good morning gorgeous" we talked while eating breakfast, but when I looked at the clock I realized I only had 10 minutes to get to work damn time really does pass by fast. So I quickly kissed Adam goodbye and told I him would be back later.



I had made it to work barely on time, today it wasn't that busy as other days, but yeah there were a few customers. Which was good because maybe I would be able to go home early and get to spend mire time with Adam, but yeah I only had to make a few drinks that customers were asking for.


Niall's pov

Finally tour was over finally I can spent some relaxing time at home, but I guess I for got to tell you that's I moved to London about a year and a half ago. But I can,t forget about my best friend Rebeca I wonder how she's doing I haven't talked to her since I had gone off for the X-Factor. I missed her so much. I had been home for a couple of hours now, but I felt like going outside probably go to Nandos or grocery shopping since I hadn't been home for a couple of months now. Well the lads were in living room "hey lads I think i,m going grocery shopping and probably to Nandos afterwards" "oh ok but try not to buy the whole grocery store and Nandos please Niall" said Liam " Awww Liam that was my plan but ok i'll try not to be back soon ok mates" "ok Niall" they all responded. I went grocery shopping and then I went to Nandos but then I started craving some Starbucks coffee so went to Starbucks coffee place I went up to the cashier but that's when I saw her, her beautiful long brown hair, her sparkling brown eyes, she was just gorgeous. and that beautiful long brown hair those eyes just  belonged to her.....................Rebeca my best friend that I hadn't seen in a few couple of years. The girl I loved that I loved with all my heart.



So what do you guys think about it? yeah I tried to make it longer I might not updated tomorrow but that's not for sure so I hope you guys are enjoying it. So what do yeah think will happen next or what would you like to happen? plz comment I would like to know what you guys think thx well bye my one direction lovers xx 

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