Story Of My Life

"Hey! I'm Tia Mae! And this is the story of my life. It starts with passing family members" Read to find out more.


1. Needing Help

Tia's POV

I was watching Netflix. When my phone rang. I paused my show and answered it.

"Hello?" me

"Hello, I'm doctor Tatiana Marquez."

"Hello Dr. Marquez" me

"Yes, Well you might want to come right away" she says

"What? Why?" I ask

"Your parents have been in a serious car accident" she says bluntly

"I'm on my way!" I say as I hang up.

I grab my purse, keys and shoes and rush out the door. I jumped into the car and drove to the hospital.

~at hospital~

When I arrived at the hospital I rushed to the front desk.

"Megan and Lawrence McBeth, Please" I said in a rush.

"Room 450" the man said.

I rushed to the lift. When I got in I pressed number three. I got to the floor and ran to room 450. When I got there I lightly knocked on the door. Dr. Marquez opened it.

"Hello you must be Tia" she said

"Yes, yes I am" I say

"Well your parents are probably not going to make it" she says

I burst out crying. I fell to my knees and sobbed. I probably sobbed for two hours. When I stopped sobbing I was in someone's strong arms. I looked up to see some one I didn't expect to see.

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