Story Of My Life

"Hey! I'm Tia Mae! And this is the story of my life. It starts with passing family members" Read to find out more.


2. Needing Help pt.2

Tia's POV (still)

"Why are you hugging me?" I ask

He looked down at me.

"Because I you crying in the hallway, and when a girl cries it makes me sad" he replies

"Aw, well your a nice person" I say

I looked around at my surroundings and noticed I was in the waiting room.

"Why are we in here?" I ask

"Well, your parents were going into surgery" he says a little sadly

"Oh god!" I say as I start to cry again

Zayn wrapped me in his strong arms. I cried into his chest. We sat there for like two or three hours. I had fallen asleep crying into Zayn's chest.


I woke up in the waiting room still in Zayn's arms. But this time with more company.

"Sorry did we wake you love?" Harry asks

"No, I was waking up anyway" I whisper as to not wake Zayn.

"I'm Harry, and this is Liam, Louis, Niall, and you met Zayn" Harry says

"I know who you five are. I am a Directioner" I say with a giggle

"Oh okay then who might you be?" Liam asks

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself " I say as I slowly try to get out of Zayn's arms but fail.

"Oh let me help!" Louis says "Zayn let go of the nice girl!"

Zayn slowly and reluctantly let go of me and slowly woke up.

"Well my name is Tia. Tia McBeth." I say to everyone.

"Hi, Tia" Niall says

"Hi, Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn" I say

We all greeted each other. I sat back down next to Zayn. I noticed that Liam acted a little weird since I introduced myself. I just brushed it off though. We talked for a while until the doctor came out.

"Ms. McBeth?" she asks and I stand up.

"Yes?" I ask

"I have some terrible news for you" she says and Zayn stands next to me.

"W-What is it?" I stutter and cling to Zayn's arm

"I'm sorry your parents aren't going to make it" she says bluntly

I fell to me knees and started crying again.

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