Story Of My Life

"Hey! I'm Tia Mae! And this is the story of my life. It starts with passing family members" Read to find out more.


4. Glad to Help

Zayn's POV

After Tia gave me my phone and drove off, I couldn't stop staring at her contact information.

"Mate you alright?" Liam asks

"Um, yeah" I say

"Well its time to go" Niall says

We headed back to the car to go back to our flat. During the drive all I could think about was Tia. I guess Louis noticed it.

"Text the damn girl!" Louis says

I chuckled and pulled out my phone and texted her.

To: TiaBear<3

Hey beautiful!

From: TiaBear<3

Hello Handsome! What's up?

To: TiaBear<3

Nothing. I was just bored, so I wanted to text you.

From: TiaBear<3

Aw! Well, I'm bored to! Want to hang out???

To: TiaBear<3

I would love to! :) Where would you like to meet?

From: TiaBear<3

How about my place? We could figure it out then?

To: TiaBear<3

Sure! What's your address?

From: TiaBear<3

Its 8564 W. Bearch Ave

After I got her address I looked up from my phone and saw four grinning faces.

"What?" I ask
"What did she say?" Harry asks

"She wants to hang out" I say

"Okay where? I'll drop you off" Liam says

I told him where to drop me off. He first dropped off the others then headed to Tia's. Her house wasn't all that far from our place. When e arrived I got out of the car and told Liam that I will walk home. I knocked on the door to her flat. The door swung open. And there stood the most beautiful girl in the world.

"Hello Zayn" she says and gestures me inside.

"Hello beautiful" I say and make her blush.

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