Story Of My Life

"Hey! I'm Tia Mae! And this is the story of my life. It starts with passing family members" Read to find out more.


5. Glad to Help pt.2

Zayn's POV

I walked inside her house and sat on the sofa on the sofa in the lounge. She soon came into the lounge with movies and popcorn.

"Transformers or Soul Surfer?" she asks.

"Hmmm" I say as I stroke my invisible beard "Soul Surfer!"

"Alright!" she says as she puts the movie in.

She runs upstairs. She soon come back down wearing short Batman shorts, a bright yellow bra, and a black see through shirt.

(This is the outfit)

"Cute outfit" I say and she blushes.

I pat the spot next to me and she comes over and cuddles up next to me. I wrap my arm protectively. She presses play and the movie starts.

~1 1/2 hours later~

I looked down to see that Tia had passed out in my arms. I quietly chuckled to myself. I fell into a dreamless sleep next to a beautiful girl.


Hello, My Lovelies! Sorry this chapter is short! But I would like to say that my co-author Mack<3s1d will make you guys a long chapter! Mack<3s1d will be my co-author in most of my stories. But if you want to co-author one of my stories then comment in the comments of that particular story! Okay? Well Love you guys!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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