"Shh...."he said as he calmly ran his rough fingers through my hair. I continued to sob."No,Its ok now you don't need to cry." He said. Hearing his soothing voice calmed me down a little,but I was still crying a river. "Shh...Don't cry I'm hear for you,Forever and always" he says and kisses my forehead. It's just too much this isn't real life. is it? Or is it in his DNA~


2. Chapter 1

*Amanda's P.O.V*

Im so exited today is the day I try out for the XFactor. Gosh there's so many talented people here I probably don't even have a chance. I thought to my self. "Whoa!" I said a a big figure flew pass me quickly braking my train of thought.He quickly turned to look at me causing his hood to fly off. He was very handsome he had Black hair,Dark Brown eyes,and this lovely smile that could make you melt in seconds. Who is he I wonder as I continued to stare at him. He then quickly broke the stare by continuing running,but even after he left I was still staring at the same exact spot he was standing it was like I was in a trance. My friend then quickly snapped me out of it "Hey,Amanda what are you staring at?" She asked me. "Oh,Uh,nothing" I said as I quickly turned back around to face her.Even though I wasn't still looking at the spot he was standing I just kept seeing him flash back up in my head. I would just see his beautiful Dark brown eyes.Yes,those eyes.The eyes he had that when ever you looking into them it was as if you could see deep into his soul.Those eyes

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