Teenage Trouble Makers

Demiah and Austin are best friends, both 18. They have just moved out of the houses, and away from there overly protective parents, and got an apartment near the collage they are going to. They are the kind of girls who don't really give a damn. They both drink, but Demiah try's to stay away from it, but lets go if she feels like it, Austin on the other hand, she see's a beer bottle, she takes in in a matter of seconds. They both have gotten into there fair share of trouble, and there trouble is just starting. They both meet the guys of there dreams, Symon Slay, and Justin Young, and the best friends they could ever have, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. This is the story of Demiah and Austin, the girls who don't give a damn about shit.


5. Chapter #5



               Austin's P.O.V.


                    It's the after-noon, and my hangover has finally cleared. I start thinking about last night. I smile at the thought, everthing that happened last night, was awkward, but, made me happy. I'm excited me and Justin are together now. I turn on the T.V. and flip through channels, and see whats on. Demiah walks in the room. "Hey! Whats up?" She asks, sitting next to me. "Not much," I smile, still thinking about Justin. Then, my phone goes off saying 'oooh haha, text message' in the voice of a minion from Dispicable Me. I take my phone out of my pocket, and see who texted me, it was Justin!


J - sup Babe?


    I smile at the text. "Oooh, who texted you?" Demiah asks. "Justin," I say. "What'd he say?" She asks, being her nosy self. I show her the text. She gets a little grumpy, "Don't tell me your a thing now," she says, a little angry. "Yup," I smile. "Ugh" She groans, then walks off back upstairs. I look back at my phone, and text him back.


A - nutin much, u?

J - same. wanna come over? the place is all clean up now.

A - K, b over soon.

J - K :)


     I go to my closet, put on some torn up mini shorts, black and white all star converse, and a gray shirt, with lace on the back half of the elbow length sleeves, and on half my back. Sense it's a hot day, today is a perfect day to wear this shirt, with half by back hanging out. I pull my hair into a side braid, and put on my black beanie that say 'Dope' in white lettering. I put on mascara, and baby lips, and I shove my phone in my pocket, and head downstairs. "Where ya goin'?" Demiah asks. "None of your bee's wax," I say. "Ok, so your going to Justin's then. I'll be over to check on you in a few hours, making sure your not having sex," she rolls her eyes. "Demiah, I'm 18, I can do what I want, so leave me alone," I say. "Ugh, fine," she says, and goes back to watching her show. I laugh, and leave. I get into the car, and drive to Justin's. I get to his house, and go striaght inside, not bothering to knock. "I'm here!" I shout. "I know!" I jump, he was right behind me. "God, you scared me!" I chuckle. "I know. I was trying to scare you," he grins. We both laugh, and go sit on his couch. "So, hows my baby been?" he asks. "Good, well, now that the hangovers gone," I say. "Yah, same here," he replies. We talk for hour, after hour, after hour! We end up falling asleep together.

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