Teenage Trouble Makers

Demiah and Austin are best friends, both 18. They have just moved out of the houses, and away from there overly protective parents, and got an apartment near the collage they are going to. They are the kind of girls who don't really give a damn. They both drink, but Demiah try's to stay away from it, but lets go if she feels like it, Austin on the other hand, she see's a beer bottle, she takes in in a matter of seconds. They both have gotten into there fair share of trouble, and there trouble is just starting. They both meet the guys of there dreams, Symon Slay, and Justin Young, and the best friends they could ever have, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. This is the story of Demiah and Austin, the girls who don't give a damn about shit.


4. Chapter #4



        Demiah's P.O.V.


                   7 and a half hours have past sense we arrived at the party, Liam and I have been hanging out, just talking and dancing together. "Hey, where's Austin?" He asks. "Probably drunk out of her mind with Justin," I roll my eyes. "We might wanna go check on her," He says. I nod my head. We stand up, and go inside. We start looking around for Austin and Justin. "Should we check up stairs?" Liam asks, after searching for awhile. I nod my head, and we walk upstairs. We go into Justin's room and see puke all over the floor, and Justin and Austin, only in there underwear, sleeping on the bed. "Great, this is just great," I roll my eyes. Liam looks at me, "What should we do?" he asks. "I should take her home, get her cleaned up and put her in bed," I sigh. He nods. "Yah," he agrees. "Lets just hope they were drunk when this happened," I say, referring to the whole 'half naked in bed with Justin' thing. Liam laughs a bit. "Well, at least she knows him. It's better than sleeping with a stranger," Liam chuckles. " I guess your right, but still, she's only 18," I say. "True," he replies. I sigh. I walk over to her and shake her a bit. "Austin, get up, time to go home," I say. She flutters her eyes open and looks at me shocked. She looks down at herself, and what she was wearing, then over at Justin, then at Liam, then back to me. She quickly pulls the covers over herself. She bits her lip, and looks at me, a bit of guilt in her eyes. "Will you guys get out so I can get dressed?" She asks. Liam and I nod our heads, and leave the room, closing the door behind us.


         Austin's P.O.V.


                  I look back over at Justin, and smile. Yah, I'm kind of guilty, but, we didn't really do anything. We got drunk, then we threw up, we were sober enough to control ourselves, and we got a little passionate. Not too bad, right? I get up, and quickly find my clothes, which Justin had tossed through out the room. I slowly pull on my skirt, trying not to move my head to much, sense I was starting to get a hang over. "Where you goin' baby?" I hear Justin ask. I look over at him, laying in bed, with a smirk on his face. "I have to go home." I say, trying to put my shirt back on. "You don't have to. You can still stay," He says. "Yah, but Demiah wants me home," I reply. He sighs. "Ok," He nods is head. I struggle to put my shirt back on, sense it's so tight, and I can't quiet reach the zipper in back. He gets out of bed and walks over to me. He turns me around, and zips up the zipper to my shirt. He raps his arms around my stomach, and rests his head on my shoulder. "I forgot to ask you something," He says. "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks. I smile. "I'd love to," I smile. "I have to go, Demiah's waiting for me." I say. "Ok, well, how 'bout you come over and hang out tomorrow night?" He asks. "Sounds good," I reply. I turn around, press a light kiss to his lips, and head into the hall, wear Demiah and Liam are waiting. We all head outside, and out to the car. Liam and Demiah sit upfront, and I lay down in the back seat. Demiah sighs. "How far did you two go?" She asks. "What?" I ask a little shocked. "How far did you two take it?" She asks again. "We just got a little passionate, that's it," I firmly say. She nods her head. "Were you drunk when you did that?" She asks. "No, and why are you asking me so many questions?" I ask. Liam turns around in his seat and looks at me. "We just want to know what happen, and make sure that were safe," He says. I nod my head. "It was Justin though, not a monster," I reply. "Still, we just wanted to make sure he didn't hurt you," Liam states. "Ok," I sigh, and close my eyes. My head was pounding now.




        I walk into the bathroom and take a quick shower, then change into a soft peach colored, and a pair of sweat pants, take some aspirin and take a nap.

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