Teenage Trouble Makers

Demiah and Austin are best friends, both 18. They have just moved out of the houses, and away from there overly protective parents, and got an apartment near the collage they are going to. They are the kind of girls who don't really give a damn. They both drink, but Demiah try's to stay away from it, but lets go if she feels like it, Austin on the other hand, she see's a beer bottle, she takes in in a matter of seconds. They both have gotten into there fair share of trouble, and there trouble is just starting. They both meet the guys of there dreams, Symon Slay, and Justin Young, and the best friends they could ever have, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. This is the story of Demiah and Austin, the girls who don't give a damn about shit.


3. Chapter #3



               Austin's P.O.V.


                         I woke up and crawled out of bed. I walked down stairs and into the kitchen, where Demiah is already eating cereal. "Didn't bother to put on pants, huh?" She laughs. I look down at what I was wearing. I was wearing a big baggy tan shirt, that reached half way to my knee's. "Eh, it's just us, I don't care," I reply. I walk over to the fridge and pull out some milk, and drink out of the jug. I put it back, and start heading back towards the door to leave the kitchen. I walk upstairs and back into my bedroom. I head to my closet and picked out my outfit. A pair of white studded mini shorts, a blackish blueish colored thick sleeved thank top with white lettering that says 'punk' I put on All-Star Converse, and I walked into the bathroom. I brushed my hair out, and pulled it into a side braid, with my bangs separate from the braid, and put on my red beany. I brushed my teeth, and left the bathroom. "Austin hurry up! We're going to be late!" Demiah shouts from the other room. "I'm coming!" I reply. I walk out of the bathroom, and meet her in the living room. "God, loosen up a bit," I laugh. "Sorry, were gonna be late though," She says. We go outside and to the car, and leave on our way to collage.




           *Ring ring* The bell to leave to the next class goes off. "Hey, Ausy, I'm having a big party tonight, wanna come?" Justin Young asks. I smile. "Who all is going?" I ask. "More than I can remember right now," He laughs. "It'll be fun," He says, trying to get me to come. "Sounds fun, I'll be there, what time?" I ask. "It starts at 7:00 and goes till tomorrow," He says. "Ok, I'll be there, wait, can Demiah come?" I ask. "As long as she doesn't hold you back from drinking, I wanna see you wasted," his words send flutters through my stomach. "Don't worry, she won't. She know that if I wanna drink, there is no way she can stop me," I say. "Ok, see you tonight," He says, he slaps my behind, then leaves with a smirk. I didn't care he slapped my butt, because he's cute, I know him, and I trust him, unlike those annoying boys in my math class. I walk out of the class room and head to my next class.




      We get in the car and head home. We pull up to the apartment and go inside. I look at the time, it's 4:00. "Demiah, did I tell you about Justin's party tonight?" I ask. "Wait, Justin's having a party?" She asks, getting a bit excited. "Yah, and he wants us to come," I say. A smile spreads across her face. "What time is it?" "7:00" She nods her head, grabs her purse, and starts heading back towards the door. "Where are you going?" I ask confused. "Lets go get a knew outfit, just for the hell of it," She says. "Ok, cool," and we leave to the mall.




     We leave the mall at 6:15, and rush home to get ready for the party.




     We get home and change into our clothes. I bought a tan, tight, belly shirt, and a loose, wavy, peach skirt. I'm not taking shoes, I don't need them. I paint my finger nails, and my toe nails black, and let my hair loose. This is a party, I'm not putting on something uncomfortable to make myself look hot. I'm wearing mostly loose clothes for the most of it. I'm a free-spirit as you can tell. I put on a bit of mascara, and walk down the hall to the front room. A few minutes later Demiah walks in, she's wearing her converse, a pair of plain mini shorts, and a baggy black shirt. Her hair is pulled into a pony tail, and she has a black elastic around her wrist. She's wearing pretty casual clothes, she's like me, she doesn't like to get too fancy if she doesn't have to. "Ready to go?" She asks. "Yup," I reply. We head outside to the car, and get in. 'Wait a second, where's his new house?" She asks. "Oh shit, I don't know," I reply. I hold my phone and quickly text him.


A: justin where do you live

J: ___w____s

A: k thx

J: np cant wait 2 c u wasted ;)


    I tell Demiah where to go, and we leave.




        We part two blocks from his house, because there was no where else to park. Two blocks away, and you can already hear the blasting music. We start walking towards his house and Demiah stops me. "Wait, don't tell me there's beer," she begs hopefully. "Yah, and your gonna like it," I reply, and keep walking. We get to his house, and walk inside. "AUSY!" I hear Justin shout as loud as he can, shouting over the music. He runs over and raps his arm around my waist. He hands me a big bottle, and Demiah rolls her eyes at me. "I FIGURED YOU'D WANT A BIG BOTTLE INSTEAD OF JUST A CUP, I KNOW YOU LIKE DRINKING!" He shouts, once again, so I can hear him over the bursting music. "AUSTIN, DON'T DO IT, YOU KNOW IT'S BAD!" Demiah shouts. "DEMIAH GO FIND LIAM, HE DOSEN'T DRINK YOU CAN HANG OUT WITH HIM!" I shout back. She nods her head, and walks off. Justin gives me the bottle, and I gulp it down. I feel the wonderful burning sensation in my throat that I have come to love. "LETS GO HANG OUT UPSTAIRS!" He shouts. He guides me upstairs, and into his bedroom. "I don't want to have to yell," He says. I nod my head. " I agree. I can already feel the woozy feeling of the beer, taking control of me. "Good?" He asks. "Huh?" I ask. He laughs a bit. "Is the beer good?" He asks. "Yah, much better than the cheep stuff you get at other party's." I reply. After that, I got so wasted, I could barely speak.


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