Teenage Trouble Makers

Demiah and Austin are best friends, both 18. They have just moved out of the houses, and away from there overly protective parents, and got an apartment near the collage they are going to. They are the kind of girls who don't really give a damn. They both drink, but Demiah try's to stay away from it, but lets go if she feels like it, Austin on the other hand, she see's a beer bottle, she takes in in a matter of seconds. They both have gotten into there fair share of trouble, and there trouble is just starting. They both meet the guys of there dreams, Symon Slay, and Justin Young, and the best friends they could ever have, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. This is the story of Demiah and Austin, the girls who don't give a damn about shit.


2. Chapter #2



           Austin's P.O.V.


                       After we left Nandos we went back to the collage, and went to our next classes. There was a group of 4 boys sitting next to me, and they kept talking, being really loud, annoying people, being prevented etc. One of the boys leans over, pinches my butt, and smirks, "I like your ass," I look at him, and smile, "Too bad your eye is too swollen to look at it," I reply. "What?" He asks confused. I stand up, give him a bright smile, and punch him in the eye. He stand up and his  hand flys up, and returns the blow, right to my cheek. I pull my knee up, kicking his man parts, and he falls to the ground, crying. My cheek is throbbing, and I can feel it swelling. I feel someone kick me in the back and I fall forward, an hit the ground. My cheek scraps against the floor and my head is only slightly damaged. "STOP!" The teacher yells. "All three of you! In the office, now!" She yells. Me and the other boy stand up off the ground, and the three of us follow her to the principles office.




    I walk back to the car, and get straight in, not saying a word to Demiah. "What happened to you?" She asks, referring to my swollen, scrapped up cheek and my small cut to my forehead. "Boys, fucking annoying boys. We beat the shit out of each other, and now the three of us have extra homework for the next 3 months."I say, annoyance clear in my words. She laughs, "Well, sounds like something you'd do," she smiles. We drive off back to our apartment, and we get ready to go to Kayla's apartment. I try to cover up the fight marks the best I could, and we leave.




       "That was the most boring party ever," I groan, sitting down our couch. "Your telling me, your not the one who had to sit there and knit the whole party," Demiah mumbles. "Why did you have to knit the whole time?" I ask confused. "It was one of the dares," She replies. "That's stupid. Well, I'll get us invited to a better party soon, I know people," I smirk. She looks at me and laughs, "I know you do, and that scares me," She says with a smile.


This chapter was sort of reflecting back on my day yesterday, haha. A really annoying boy named Daniel, messed with my beany. No one messes with my beany, or I will hurt them! So yah, I kicked him a few times, pretty hard too. The whole class was looking at me of course, lucky me though, the teacher wasn't paying attention because she was busy. I get away with SO much. :D I'm just lucky like that. If he touches my beany again, he's gonna get it WAAAAYYYYY worst.

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