Teenage Trouble Makers

Demiah and Austin are best friends, both 18. They have just moved out of the houses, and away from there overly protective parents, and got an apartment near the collage they are going to. They are the kind of girls who don't really give a damn. They both drink, but Demiah try's to stay away from it, but lets go if she feels like it, Austin on the other hand, she see's a beer bottle, she takes in in a matter of seconds. They both have gotten into there fair share of trouble, and there trouble is just starting. They both meet the guys of there dreams, Symon Slay, and Justin Young, and the best friends they could ever have, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. This is the story of Demiah and Austin, the girls who don't give a damn about shit.


1. Chapter #1



                  Demiah's P.O.V.


                           I'm Demiah, I'm 18, I have beautiful, wavy. brown hair that flows my chest, grayish, dark, green eyes, I'm skinny, I have pretty tan skin, a few freckles here and there, and a care-free personality.


                       Austin's P.O.V.


                            I'm Austin, I'm 18 blonde hair that is inbetween shoulder length and to my chest and the tips are dyed bright navy blue, I have blue eyes, and some freckles. I'm not super tan, but I'm not pale either. My skin is inbetween tan and pale, so its about normal. I'm skinny, and my personality is alot like Demiah's, but enough difference to count.


                    (First day at collage)

              Demiah's P.O.V.


                      "Austin! Let's go!" I call. Austin comes running down stairs, in a pair of frayed, studded, mini shorts, a dark red tank top, and a pair of red white and blue, high cut, All-Star Converse. Her hair was pulled into a low side ponytail, with a black beany on. She smiles at me, with her books in her hands, and we head out the door. We get in our big, old, red, rusty, truck, and drive only a little ways to the collage. "Oh my gosh this is so exciting!" She says, with her normal bubbly attitude. "Sense when did school work become exciting?" I ask her laughing. She glares at me. "Not the school work. The boys we'll meet, and the parties we'll get invited too!" She laughs. Her words bring a smile to my face. "Ok, yah, it's exciting!" I reply, my attitude, now matching hers. Our outfits wern't the exact same, but they were pretty close. I was wearing a pair of frayed, mini shorts, but mine weren't studded, they were blue and purple tie dyed. I was wearing a dark blue tank top, and I was wearing the same shoes as her, only mine were black and white instead of red white and blue. My hair was let down, I had straightened it this morning, and I was wearing a blue beany. We get out of the car, grab our books and head towards the buildings. We both give each other the look, the look of 'this is it, here it goes, this is the begining of collage' look. We smile "I'll see you at lunch, we can meet back at the car so we can go eat together," She says, and she walks in a different direction, heading towards her first class.




           *Ring Ring* The bell goes off, and everyone floods out of the room. "Hey, Demiah, do you and Austin wanna go to our 'begining party' tonight? Were celebrating our first year of collage," Kayla asks. I smile, "I'd love to, but who's we?" I ask, a smile bright on my face. "Me, Brinya, Autum, Itzel, Katlen, Emmaley, Page, Mckinley, and hopfully you and Austin," She says. I get dissapointed when I hear it's all goody goody girls, and no boy what so ever. "Sure, we'll be there, what time?" I pick up my books, and start to walk towards the door with her, "6:00," "Ok, We'll be there," I smile, then leave. I start walking away. Ugh, great. Austin and I get to be stuck with a whole bunch of goody goody's tonight, I'd rather study than play monopoly all night. Tonight, is going to be lame! There's a reason that Austin and I didn't want to share an appartment with all our old friends. I didn't even think we were going to the same collage, it was a dissapointment for them to be here. Austin and I don't play it safe, we'd rather be at a party with boys, and not care if it's dangerous. I get back to the car and tell Austin about tonight. "Ugh, seriously. Well, if it gets too lame we can say we have to get home and study." She says. "Yah, that works," I reply, and we get into the car, and drive to Nando's.


Is it good so far guys? I hope so! This is actually part of my plans for the future! Me and one of my friends want to share an appartment, and be roomates, and sort of ditch all our goody goody friends, we'll still hang out with them, there good company, but, I guess, just kind of see less of them. :p So, please comment if you like it! Love ya lovlies! <3

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