My Life Just Turned Upside Down

This is a novel that I am writing was on my dads old laptop I am not putting it up there on it haha the screen that is almost broken,but here is the story it is not a fanfic,it is a novel okay and please tell me if I made any mistakes,because I want this to be published when I am older haha so please just tell me if I made any mistakes okay and I am not gonna have any author notes okay it is just gonna be the story okay well please read


1. Chapter One

Hello my name is Abby Poppy,I am a normal girl who goes through normal every day things...nope that's not me.I am a girl who is not your normal everyday girl and my life is breaking as we speak.



I get bullied by the kids at my church which I got to say is the girls who think there the queen bee's aka they are the preachers granddaughters and there friends so they like don't even know that,that stuff faze me,they don't even know that they bullie me,they act  like I don't have feelings,the popular girls at my church still act like my friends but they just use me,okay I admit it I always am the one who gets left behind with the shopping bags,or the coffees that they ask for me to bring to church,but see I feel like if I say no,that they will start bulling me again okay,but worse then the boys the girls are meaner then the guys,the guys just call me names,but those girl's at my school,well see there was this girl who stood up to them,well see she moved away to London which is across the Atlantic ocean.



I live in America,us Americans,well my family wants Obama to not be president,in my head I was always like,my dad should be president,well see I don't think thats gonna happen my dad Andy Poppy is a faithful dad,my whole family goes to church just that my uncle well see he does not belive in god his name is Joe baker,see he is not my mom's full brother my papa Jeremy got divorced before he married my mama Annie,and my uncle bob well see I don't know if he's a Christian,so I need to work on that my family lives in Loveland ohio,we go to a great church they are like family,if someone is mean to someone else will be there to stand up for them,the church is gigantic,it's fun and exciting and we take this Christianity seriously okay.



and  I have some very good friends there like Bethany Wilson and Kristy Rich,they are my best friends I have more friends like Landis Rogers and Taylor Buenos but see I have a crush on Landis brother Brad, he is cute,nice,sweet,and alot more he is everything that you want in a guy,I am practically in love with him,but he will never notice me,well he already has just not like in the way I want to my so called best friend kristy told him I like him at camp,I know I should have gave her the cold shoulder,but see she has been my best friend since 1 grade I can't just make her go away.



before she was my best friend I had a guy best friend his name was Adam he was my best friend but see in kindergarten,he left he gave me a stuffed pony and said good bye but still he left,he was my only best friend at the time and I was sad and disappointed that my best friend just got up and left some days,I just wish he would show up at my church on a Wednesday or sunday and say'hey my name is Adam'to my children's preacher Caleb,but that day has not come yet I just wi-.


"Sweetie is everything okay in there?"my mom Jane says through the bathroom door with her hand turning the handle"Because James needs to use the restroom."my mom says James is my older brother he just turned 14 on the last day in January,which is January 31,I can't wait till I turn 12,on April 23,right now it's March 14 2014,I know it is like a new day for me,I open the bathroom door.



"I am almost done just I just need to finish putting on my eyeshadow."I say while holding the door open and seeing James out side of the door waiting for me to finish doing my hair and makeup.



"Okay can you please hurry up."he says with a attitude.

"Well please stop throwing a hissy fit."I say gosh brothers are so annoying,

I walk out of the bathroom.

"It's all yours"I say as I walk to my room,and grab my purse,and walk out to the door,to the van,so that we can leave for church.



I get to the van,and I sit there and wait,and wait and wait,just to much waiting I get up and get out of the van,and I walk to the side door but I realize its locked,hmmmm,I walk around out side the house and see them no where to be,the only vehicle at the house right now is the van,I walk back over to the van and still no one there hmmmm.I walk all the way beside the house gosh were are they.then I look in a window and realizes they are still in the house,I bang on the window and Anthony,my little brother came over to the window and opened it.


"What do you need?"he asks annoyed

"Well I accidentally locked myself out of the house."I say while putting my hands in the air in a whatever way.he closes the window,and goes to the door and opens it.

"Umm uh Abby it wasn't even locked."he says ohhh okay I am definitely retarded now

"Thanks Anthony."I say while walking back in the house,hmmm my mom is not ready yet and she says we never get ready on time,I sit down on the couch and wait I know right more waiting well this is completely boring,I pull my kindle out and put my head phones in and listen to Demi lovato the song 'warrior' finally my mom finishes getting ready and we head off to the van.




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