Ending the curse


1. Intro

Okay look I'm not one to brag, but I have a perfect life. Or so everyone thinks. I mean, I have a cheer leaders body, speed of a track star, the voice of an angel, and the beauty of a goddess. I'm perfect. The only thing is that I'm cursed. It's tragic actually. I can't fall in love and I can't be away from water for more than eight hours. You see my ancestors ticked off a god. You know from like the the Greek ara. So now we , my family and I are forced to be Sirens. We lure men in and rip out their hearts. Literally. We eat them. And yes. That means my mom ate my dad, but instead I tell people they are divorced and he died of a rare disease. It's believe able so I go with it. My school is the richest that money could buy in Florida. Of course I'm on scholarship for swimming. I mean I live in water on the weekends. I am also the most popular girl in school. I mean I don't try to be, in fact I don't want to be. Like I said. It's a curse. My best friend is also a siren. We are inseparable. I mean he is the only male siren in the past thousand years. And let me tell you, he is so hot. I mean I wouldn't date him. Been there done that got the lost V-Card to prove it. We were suppose to get married and end the curse. But I fucked him instead. Oops. So anyway. I am making a journal. Mostly because I am trying to find a way to end this curse. Well me and some help.

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