The Girl with the Locked Heart

" let me break the lock " " if you do please protect it because it's been broken and it took me along time to build a shield " " I promise "


6. Please Don't Tell Harry!?!?!???

Stephanie's (p.o.v.)

Louis came out if the room and he was begging on his knees saying " please don't tell Harry "

Then I said " Louis i was a virgin " he looked shocked then Harry came out and asked " don't tell me what ?" Then Louis pleaded " Harry I'm so sorry I didn't mean too " Harry looked confused then he say blood on the mattress then it looked like it clicked in his head then he yelled " YOU HAD SEX WITH MY SISTER " then Louis yelled " IT WAS HER FAULT " then I yelled " NO IT WAS YOURS YOU WERE THE ONE THAT WAS KISSING ME " then Louis yelled " THEN YOU SHOULD'NT HAVED FOLLOWED ME " then I yelled " I WAS DRUNK " then Louis yelled " SO WAS I " then Harry yelled " ITS BOTH OF YOUR FAULTS LOUIS' FOR OFFERING TO HAVE SEX AND STEPHANIE FOR FOLLOWING HIM" then now the boys and Cooper were all watching this with headaches I stormed out the house and cried it's all Louis's fault

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