The Girl with the Locked Heart

" let me break the lock " " if you do please protect it because it's been broken and it took me along time to build a shield " " I promise "


3. 1D and my best friend

Stephanie's (p.o.v.)

Me and my best friend Cooper she's seventeen almost eighteen too she has dirty blonde hair a little more brown she has big brown eyes she's tan and slim she's like me but I have chocolate brown hair her nickname is coco and mine is bear she is the only one I can trust to be my friend but she's more then my friend she's my sister me and Harry have known her since preschool we were the three musketeers just then my idiotic brother came bursting threw the door yelling " COCO AND BEAR IM HOOOME " he extended his arms and me and Coco went running towards him we tackled Harry into a hug he then released and said " I missed you bear and Coco " we smiled and said in unison " we missed you too haz " he smiled and the boys then walked threw the door Harry then said " Coco and bear you know the boys boys this is Cooper and Stephanie, Stephanie my real annoying sister and Cooper my not real sister by blood but real sister by heart and still both annoying "the boys chuckled and said " hello " Louis looked mad he snickered at me and rolled his eyes. I liked all of them except the one in a denim jacket with the tattoos he was going to tick me off.

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