Kellins Girl

Kelly was just put into foster care, what happens when one of her many romodels adopt her?


6. the shayley bourget problem

A/n heyy y'all. Long time no see. Here's a chapter, sorry its short😐 


Cancer couldn't be that bad right? 

I was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

It had been five weeks since the news, and I have had 3 rounds of chemotherapy and it sucked. I have to go in for another one today. Yay…

I smiled at Copeland and she gave me a hug so I hugged back. After this round my hair should start falling out, so kellin is taking me to go to a wig place and get my head measured to get a couple wigs.

Surprisingly, Chris and holly took it super well. I had been to my parents funeral and I've gone to their graves once. 

I picked up cope and walked out to the car with her and put her in the car seat, then I crawled over her and sat in the back seat next to her. 
Then Kellin and Katlynne got in the front seats and we started driving away to my personal hell.

When we got there we all walked towards the childrens ward and signed in. As we were in the waiting room a nurse came up to us. 

“are you aware of kelly's god father?” she asked.

Kellin looked at the nurse with a confused look. "What?" 

“it says here that she has a godfather, and her parents are deceased that would mean adoptive parents or not, he has custody of Kelly and by law we are not allowed to treat Kelly unless you have custody. I'm sorry Mr. And Mrs. Bostwick." The nurse tuned around and started walking to the back room.

To say kellin was upset was an understatement! He was livid. Kellin looked at the chart to see who he was dealing with for custody rights. And it just so happened to be a person he made a song with.

Shayley Bourget.

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