Kellins Girl

Kelly was just put into foster care, what happens when one of her many romodels adopt her?


2. home?

(A/N hey, so I was reading this story over.... kelly sound a helll of a lot like kellin.... oh well, ON WITH THE STORY!)

Kelly POV

I grabbed my bags and followed Kellin inside. The house was pretty simple, as I walked in I saw a livingroom to the left, the kitchen in the middle and a staircase to the right. I also saw Katelynne and Copeland playing together in the livingroom. Awweee sooo cute!

"Honey I'm home" Kellin sang as he put the keys and my files in a small woven basket on the counter.

"I wanna see her! Awe she's so cute!" Katelynne said full of energy. Her eyes showed pure happiness "Meet Copeland, your little sister, I'm Katelynne, but you can call me mom when your ready" 

I was taken aback by the warmth and joy this family held. They welcomed my with open arms. For that they gained my respect.

Katelynne gave me a hug, I decided to back. What do I have to lose?

"So, what do you want to eat?" She asked, that's when I looked at the time 2:34 P.M.

"Umm... what ever I guess.... I'm not that picky" I shrugged. 

"Why don't I pick up something up from burger king?" Kellin suggested. I simply nodded.

"Sounds good to me. Just get some fries for cope, I'll take a whopper J.R" Katelynne said, then Kellin turned to me.

"Uhh... chicken sandwhich okay?" I asked. Kellin smiled at me "yeah, that actually sounds pretty good" he said, then went to grab his keys and went to the car.
"So... what's your favorite color? Dogs or cats? How do you feel about dirty jokes? Do you have a twitter? Or a facebook? What grade are you in? How long have you been in the foster home? Do you like chocolate? Are you alergic to anything? Coffee or tea?" Katelynne grilled my with questions after Kellin left.

"Green or navy blue, dogs, I make them a lot. Yes, no. Ninth, not even 24hours, yes. Not that I know of, and tea" I answered out of breath. Katelynne just giggled. "We will get along great" she said, a glint of joy in her eyes.

"That's good..." I smiled. She motioned for me to sit on the sofa. "Feel free to make yourself at home!" 

I nodded walking over to the sofa. I am not going to lie to you... this family makes you fucking smile! I don't care how up tight you are. You can't do anything but fucking smile around them. That is a feeling I haven't had in a long time. Sure I loved my parents. They were great. But just something about them.... it just didn't feel right.

After about 15mins Kellin came back. "Honey, kelly, cope. I'm home! For the second time to day!" Kellin sang. I giggled.  "Shh, cope is down for her nap" katelynne hushed. That's when my phone rang. "I'll uh, be outside for a sec" I said and walked out the screen door. 

Kellin POV

Kelly walked out of the house talking on the phone. I watched her through the screen door for a moment. Just as I was going to look away she dropped to her knees, and buried her face in her hands. "Kell? I think something is wrong" Kate walked out the door and went to comfort kelly. A few moments later Kelly and kate walked in she mouthed 'we need to talk' I nodded as she took kelly to her room. 

When Kate came back out she motioned for me to sit. So I did. "Her parents were merdered. On Thursday. She mentioned something about a funeral. Kell, I have a feeling this is going to be a ruff few weeks with kelly" katelynne explained. I nodded.

"She'll be fine. So will we" I stood up and pecked kates nose then went to get the hamburger that was sitting on the counter and give it to kelly.

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