Kellins Girl

Kelly was just put into foster care, what happens when one of her many romodels adopt her?


5. Help! I'm losing hope (pt2)

I slowly opened my eyes to bright white fluorescent lights on a ceiling, I don't recall the Quinn's house to have these lights... 


I don't remember much, but what I do remember scared me. As my eyes got used to the light I opened them a little more. I saw Katelynne crying into Kellin's shoulder, Kellin trying to calm her down by rubbing and patting her back. Only then did I realize where I was.

I'm in a hospital hooked up to monitors and machines I don't recognize. I'm scared and I don't want to be here. I've never liked hospitals they've always scared me, you never know if someone died in this hospital bed, or what illness is in here. Maybe it's just my anxiety but still.


I saw a doctor come in she was short, tan, and really skinny. She looked at me and smiled "Someone is up early, We expected you to be atleast another 30 mins" 

I smiled back not really wanting to talk. Katelynne looked at me and wiped away her tears. I feel so bad for letting them pick me, I bet there are girls who are a lot more healthier than me out there.


The doctor walked over to cabinet and put on some rubber gloves.


oh my god...


"how are you feeling?" She asked. "On a scale of one to ten what is your pain level?"


"two?" I answered. The doctor nodded writing something down. Kellin looked uncomfortable, like he wanted to say something but couldn't find the words.


"Well I'm Dr. Lee a child's physician, I'll be your doctor from now on, okay?" 


I nodded understanding. "Would you like to tell her?" Asked Dr. Lee as she turned to my adopted parents.

Katelynne nodded frowning. Dr. Lee didn't say anything, she just walked out leaving my parents and me alone.


"Kelly did you have any relitives that had cancer?" Kellin asked me.


i shook my head no.


"we'll, Kelly, you have stage 2 luekemia"


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