Kellins Girl

Kelly was just put into foster care, what happens when one of her many romodels adopt her?


4. Help! I'm losing hope (pt 1)

"Meet Rowan, my oldest son, he's in collage right now and came to say hi!" Katelynne said giving her son a hug. He seemed nice enough. Sandy blonde hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. 


I waved and said a simple "hello" he waved back and copied what I had just said. "Kellin will be here soon, the whole band was called out to a meeting, something about a winter tour he was going to try to get out of. Rowan would you like some coffee?" 


"Yes please, hey mom.... Who's the ginger?" Rowan asked. "Oh yes, Rowan this is kelly she's our adopted daughter" Kate explained. 


"Oh nice...." Rowan smiled at me. I looked at him and felt light headed, I brushed it off not being concerned.

"I'm going to put away my clothes" I said and walked out of the room feeling really tired, I don't really like meeting new people, its something I just feel awkward doing. As I made my way to my room, out of my nose came something sticky, I put my finger up to my nose amd saw blood on it. Worried I ran to the bathroom to wash it of... 


Turning on the faucet, I grabbed a paper towel and put it up to my nose. I started seeing double, My head felt dizzy and I sat down on the ground knocking something over.

"Kelly!? Are you okay?" Katelynne called. "No" I said, I don't know how loud I said it through the ringing in my ears. 


Katelynne was quick to come in and see me on the floor with blood flowing out of my nose and spacing in and out. 


"Oh honey...." She said getting a rag to clean me up with. 


"Rowan! Call an ambulance and help me move her to the sofa!" Katelynne yelled, I flinched at the loud sound. I think I heard Rowan yell back an 'okay' 

"'s gonna be alright sweetie. Your gonna be fine." Kate tried to calm me down brushing her fingers through my hair. She then checked my pulse, so I closed my eyes falling asleep.




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