Kellins Girl

Kelly was just put into foster care, what happens when one of her many romodels adopt her?


1. Adopted

(A/N) this was originally going to be a BVB fanfic, but for some reason i thought i needed to make this a SwS fanfic. I'm such a band whore.... anyway enjoy! (A/N)


Kelly O'brian was taken by child care services, to a local foster home. She was 13, fiery red hair and loved My Chemical Romance. 

Her best friend Chris introduced her to rock bands at the age of 10. Chris was like her older brother. Kelly knew sometimes Chris would cut, but she hoped he would stop soon.

 She then met her other best friend Holly. She attempted suicide once, but a song came on it was Lost it All by black veil brides, After that holly was the biggest fan of BvB Kelly ever met. 

Kelly promised herself if she ever met Black Veil Brides in person she would thank them for saving her friends.
*Kelly POV*

I sat in my new foster care room. Sat there wondering why my parents had to get murdered. Why I was lucky and escaped through my bedroom window. I put my face in my hands. I wanted to cry so bad, but I couldn't bring my self to do it. Holly and Chris would say 'do not cry, there is no need. Put the past behind you. Dont you bleed' they rhymed things so much. I pulled out my phone and went to our group chat.

Kelly: hey guys!


Kelly: no, I'm fine. I'm in child care services though :'(

Holly Leaf: wtf? 

Kelly: yup.

Holly leaf: I hope you get adopted by oliver sykes. Or avril lavgine!

Chris: yeah! Get adopted by Avril!

Holly leaf: oh I'm sorry, not Avril, get adopted by Kellin Quinn!

Chris: I still like the idea of Avril Lavgine

Holly leaf: perv...

Kelly: haha. Very funny guys, I can tell you now. I am not getting adopted by anyone....

Chris: stfu. You will get adopted by a very awesome person. I just know it!

Holly leaf: I'm tired, nighty guys!


Chris: later!

*end of the chat*

I laughed and pulled up my play list, it started playing 'if you can't hang' by SWS I set my phone on the night stand. "Maybe Chris is right? I will get adopted by someone great" I said and laid down in bed and went to sleep. 

I woke up to my phone ringing. It was Holly. So of course I answered it.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked still a bit tired.

"CHECK TWITTER!" Holly yelled and then hung up. 

I looked at my phone for a second. Why? But I did as I was told and opened up twitter I scrolled through tweets reading them. Omg! I read one Kellin Quinn posted. He and Kate were adopting? This could be my chance! I doubt he would adopt me. I haven't even been in the system for 24 hours. But its worth a shot! I got out of bed and looked through my duffle bag. If I wore my SWS shirt I might come on to strong, so I decided to wear my Pierce the Veil shirt. I randomly grabbed a pair of jeans and threw them on. Along with my black boots. 

Holly taught me how to properly put on my make up. 
I carefully put on my eyeliner and added a bit of dark eye shadow and mascara. Nothing wrong with the way I look. I added my skull earrings Chris got me for my 12th birthday. Then last, but not least I put on my finger less gloves.

I looked in the full body mirror that was behind my door. I felt I looked perfect. I heard speakers coming from the hallway. "Come line up in the lounge room please" 

I took a deep breath before I walked out of my room, and looked for the lounge. 

After about five minutes of looking I found the lounge room. I walked in casually and lined up as Kellin was all ready looking at the boys and girls.  

"If you can't hang, then there's the door baby!" I sang to myself hoping no one heard. But it obviously caught Kellin's ear cause he started walking over here. 

My eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store, when he was almost right in front of me.

"You know our songs?" Kellin asked. I smiled, he talked to me?! Omg!!

"Maybe a little bit" I said calmly, he smiled

"What's your name?" Kellin questioned.

"Umm.... its kelly, Kelly O'brian..." I looked down and shuffled my feet.

"Well, how about kelly Quinn?" Kellin asked. I stood there awestruck.

"M-me? You want me?" Kellin Quinn wants me! I was filled with joy.

"No. I want the rug over there. Yes I want you!" Kellin or should I say dad said.

A lady walked in. "Alright, top three?" She asked. Kellin picked me and randomly a few other girls.
"Okay, why don't you tell mister Quinn why you want to get adopted?" The lady kindly said

"So I can have a family who loves me" said a blonde girl
"So I can go to college" a brunette said, yay! Its my turn
"So I don't have to live in hell" the lady stared at me. 

"I'm sorry?" She raised an eyebrow "apology accepted" I smirked, which made everyone except the lady laugh. 

"I understand if you don't want her, I will just guide her out" the lady started pushing me to the door.

"No wait! I do want her" Kellin said walking over to me and grabbed my arm pulling me back.

"Okay?" The lady said questioningly "let me go and get the papers"

"Cool, let me go get my stuff" I said walking back to my room. the first thing I did was freak out. my god this isn't actually happening is it? This is all a dream I can fell it I'm going to wake up and still be in the foster home. I grabbed my phone off the night stand and put it in my pocket. I then grabbed my two bags and walked back down the stairs, I was humming teenagers by my chemical romance. I accidentally walked into a girl 

"Watch where you're going you little emo freak!" The girl hissed. I rolled my eyes and flipped her off. That's what Chris told me to do when someone ever did that.

By time I made it back to the lounge I saw Kellin signing papers, cool I don't have to live in hell like everyone else. Lol by bitches! I walked over to Kellin and I just stood there mindlessly staring into space. Hey! That's a good looking wall. I love how plain it is!

"Kelly! Ready to go?" Kellin asked.

"Yah!" I simply said and followed him out.

"So, what things do you like to do?" He asked.

"Well, I like to paint, listen to music, and I have a vlog with 1, 067 subscribers.....I also like to fangirl over superheroes". I explained

"Like bat man?" 

"To be honest, batman is cool, but no. I'm an ironman fangirl" I felt my phone vibrate and once I got in the car I answered the text.

Holly leaf: hey! Hey! Hey! How did it go?
Kelly: you talk to much -.-
Holly leaf: you didn't get adopted did you? D':
Kelly: no, I did!
Holly leaf: NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!
Kelly: dude, I gotta go! 
Holly leaf: ttyl sis!

"Iron man is cool, just to be safe are you allergic to anything?"

"Yup, its vary, vary, bad if I get near it" I joked and saw Kellin's eyes grow wide.

"What is it?"

"One direction" 

"I love you already!"

*Kellin POV*

"What is it?" I asked frightened. I'm going to break her before I even get a chance to really know her!

"One direction" Kelly answered. Oh. Thank. God. I'm safe! I'm safe! I mentally did a happy dance.

"I love you already!" I said happily.

"So, what music are you into?" I questioned.

"I don't know if you would like it...." she started, please don't say justin bieber!

"I'm pretty easy going when it comes to music" I said. please not justin bieber

"Well one of my favorites, is a band called Sleeping with Sirens" she put on the song Alone from the new album feel, thank you!

"What is this shit?" I asked sarcastically. 

"I'm in love with My Chemical Romance for the most part. But black veil brides will have a soft spot in my heart" she smiled. 

"And we are here!" I said pulling into the drive way of my four room house. 

"Cool" she said looking out the window. 

So far I think this might work....

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