Spirits of the Phoenix

This is a story about power and aspirations.

"We are the next generation. Be the reason, be the change!"

It all comes down to four friends. Manya, Zahaara, Damon, and Kingsley.

The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy inspired me to write this Movella.


2. Second Family

Zahaara's POV

I caught a sight of my best friend Manya, who I haven't seen forever, and I jogged over. "Maaaannniiiiii!!!" I scream, and we hug. Right when we finish, two rough hands cover MY eyes, and another two covered Manya's. "Guess who?" said both voices at once, and I couldn't help but laugh, because one is a high, tenor voice and the other is a deep base voice, so they sounded like a boys choir gone wrong. I knew exactly who it was, but I decided to tease them.

"Ben? Jerry? Carlos? Arjun? Wes?"

"You idiot!! When did you make so many guys friends?"

I fake groan and say, "Oh.... It's you Damon....."

The tenor voice says, "And who am I?"

Manya answers, "The most annoying, irritating, stupid person ever. Hi Kingsley!"

They let go and we all group hug. A few of the popular girls stared at us before rolling their eyes, calling us "hookers" and leaving.

What can I say? We have been friends forever. All three of them were my second family. Actually, all eight of our parents were high school friends.

Normally, parents would be worried that their daughter would do something wrong if she hung out with boys too much. However, my parents were okay, because Damon and King were like my brothers.

Every summer, we would constantly be hanging out, but this time, we almost drifted away from each other. Manya went to India to visit her family and King was busy at music camp (he was an excellent singer and a talented saxophone player), so it was mostly just me and Damon.

We all checked our schedules and heading off into our directions, me and Manya sticking together because we both had the same first period. I pushed my poofy Afro-Latina hair out of my face and plopped my stuff down on a seat next to Manya.

It would have a decent day if I hadn't daydreamed every once in a while about Damon.

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