She's Different

Tommye knew she was always different. With her different colored eyes; one being blue as the ocean, the other being a deep mossy green. Her Irish accent in the midst of Brits at her school. How she couldn't remember anything from her childhood. When she devoured a mound of food and still remained skinny.

But she had a secret... She was a cat hybrid. It was in her DNA.


2. Payback's a bitch

Tommye's POV

I can't believe I agreed to that. I sat on my college bed packing up everything. They dropped me out of my last year of college. Little fuckers…

" Snap outta it Tom. We've gotta get going. " I sighed heavily and picked up my two bags. What if I run into The Owner? Or The Creator? Thoughts like this ran through my brain. They would take me away from my friend Fiz and experiment on me again. I don't want that!!

" TOMMYE! Calm down. It's alright. " My breathing went back to normal as we continued to wait on the sidewalk in front of the big white building. Hmm. That reminds me of the White House. NO NUH UH! THE GOVERNMENT CAUSED THIS MESS They tried to shoot me last night and both me and Fiz knew that whilst everyone else around us thought it was targeted at Josh.

" Ello guurlsss! " Louis said in a girly voice. But when is he not talking like that? Is that his normal voice? Ugh. I don't even know anymore.

" Hello Louis. Let's go before Tommye over here tries to escape. Again. " She said pointing to me and glaring.

" You remind me of when my dad was talking to me about dating. " the boys started cracking up at our little argument and Fiz tackled my standing body to the grassy ground.

" URGH HOW DARE YOU KITTY CAT! BAD KITTY! " she yelled at me.

" Gooood kitty. " Zayn said giving me a thumbs up.

" Zayn! Don't encourage her! " Liam scolded.

" RAICLEACH! GET YO FAT ARSE OFF OF MEH! " I screamed in Fiz's face.

" No wonder you guys are so popular. " Harry said rolling on the ground laughing. Fiz got off of me and we walked around the tour bus.

" Where'd that come from? " Niall asked pointing to my arm where the bullet had grazed.

" The bullet. "

" So maybe it wasn't aimed at Josh? "

" I don't know. " I said trying not to spill.

" I'm sure we'll find out. " Fiz said. Remind me to thank her later. The boys looked at each other nervously. " What? "

" We only have five beds and just enough for the musicians... "

" Ok. I'm sleeping where Josh used to sleep since I'm taking his place and Fiz can stay with one of you. " I walked into the musician part of the bus and say 3 boys sitting around on the couches crying their eyes out.


There was one man who was sleeping in his bunk pillows tied to over his ears.

" Hey... " their heads snapped over to me.

" What're you doing here? Bet you're another one of Harry's quick shags. " the black haired one said.

" Gale! Be nice. What're you doing here? Lost? "

" I don't understand how Harry got Tommye from the YouTube Channel Tommye and Fiz's spectacular life. "

" Haha. Yeah. That's me and I'm Josh's temporary replacement for the remainder of the tour. You don't mind if I use his bunk right? Cause if not I can find somewhere else..... " I rambled.

" No no. It's fine. I'm Gale. " the black haired one said.

" I'm Noah. " said a brunette.

" Jonathan. " a guy said with brunette hair. I yawned and lay down in the bed closing the curtain.

" I'm sleeping and have fun trying to wake me up. " and I was out like a light.

What woke me up was light the bed dipping down majorly at the bottom of my bunk. Opening my eyes I glared at the three figures.

" What the hell do you want. " I spat coldly.

" Shhh. We're under attack by the singers. Oh and Fiz is taking an alternate bus. "

" Great. " the noise outside stopped. I curiously stepped out seeing everything trashed and the rest of the musicians cleaning up. " Stop right there. They're cleaning it up. "

" But- "

" No buts mister. I have a plan. " I smirked and made my way to the singer's room with Jonathan, Gale and Noah in pursuit.

" What're we doing? " Noah scream whispered.

" The boys are out so we're getting revenge. "

Awhile after that, we had put stuff in their beds, replaced Zayn's hairspray with washable hair dye, hid Harry's clothes, took Louis' carrots, took Liam's schedules and hid all of Niall's food from his food stash.

" Step 1 completed. Step 2 is wait. Step 3 is blackmailing them. Step 4 is to sit back and watch them do our work. Oh and I took Kevin. " I held up the pigeon - most people thought was fake - who was in a cage.

" Good job..... " Jonathan muttered. We heard the boys go into their rooms so I walked in and acted innocent.

" Have a nice sleep boys. " I smirked before turning around and leaving the room laying in my bed waiting for the screams to start.

" AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! " me and the musicians held in fits of laughter and I also held onto my beanie flattening my ears even more also wrapping my tail tightly around my hips under the waistband so my tail and ears went unnoticed.

" WHO THE HELL PUT MICE IN OUR BEDS?!?! " they said angrily stomping in. I looked at the end of the bed where Kevin was.

" Step 2 complete. " I said getting out of my bunk smirking once again.

" This place is a mess.... " Louis said looking around.

" Cause you made it. Clean it up. "

" Hell naw. "

" Fine. Night. "


" AHHHHHHHH!!!! " five screams echoed. I walked in grumpily. Zayn's hair was pink, Harry was..... Naked, Louis was tearing up the place as well as Liam and Niall.

" Mornin to ya too. " their heads whipped over.


" Yep. Go clean up our room and then I'll give all your stuff back. " an hour later, everything was done, mission completed. Harry got his clothes back, Liam got his schedules back, Niall got his food and Louis got Kevin.

But when I saw two guys standing on the sidewalk staring at me, I paled. The Owner. The Creator.

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