She's Different

Tommye knew she was always different. With her different colored eyes; one being blue as the ocean, the other being a deep mossy green. Her Irish accent in the midst of Brits at her school. How she couldn't remember anything from her childhood. When she devoured a mound of food and still remained skinny.

But she had a secret... She was a cat hybrid. It was in her DNA.


3. Ch 3 - Video on tour

After the incident when the boys reported me, Noah, Nicolas and Jonathan to Paul, he only laughed. Paul laughed so hard, that he legit fell out of his chair. We stopped at a hotel for some 'bonding time' between the musicians and the singers. I was being put in a room with Harry and Zayn. No one was allowed in except Fiz who was only allowed in for a YouTube video.

" Hey Tom! Let's do this thang! " Fiz exclaimed happily.

" Ok. Boys? Care to join? " the two boys looked at me and nodded.


" WELCOME EVERYONE! " Fiz exclaimed into the camera we had set up.

" Hashtag HELPME. " I droned.

" Aw Tommye! Be nice. " she said slapping my head.

" OW YOU LITTLE RAICLEACH! " I held my head where I had been violently hit.

" I have no idea what that means. " I pretended to whisper something into her ear and I knew here eyes widened and her lips formed a straight, pressed line. " Well then. "

" Anyways. We have two special guests who I really want to murder but I can't since I'm already on probation. " a moment of silence filled up the room we were in. " I'm joking. " we all laughed. " Or am I? "

" Ok, Tommye is not going to murder them. But as you know, Tommye is the temporary drummer while Josh recovers and takes some time off. Yes Josh the drummer for 1D. SO LET'S GIVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR HARRY AND ZAYN! " Fiz clapped.

" Booooo. " I said pointing my thumbs down. " I have no idea what I've gotten myself into. EEEEEEEK! " Harry pulled me into his lap and I tried to get off of his lap but ended up falling on the floor.

" Uhhhh Tommye? " Zayn said as if asking if I was ok.

" I'm sleeping here thank you very much. " I chuckled and sat back on the bed. " So we are going to do something.... out. Of. This. World... " I smirked.

" But first, an important ANNOUNCEMENT! " Fiz said.

" If you're wondering why Zayn's hair is pink, then I'll tell ya how it happened. I got my revenge! " I raised my arms above my head. Zayn glared at me making me stick my tongue out at him.

" Now what's the amazing thing? " Harry asked.

" We're going to do shadow puppets!! " I exclaimed like a two year old. At that moment Louis barged in.


" I did Louuuuu! "


" OK GIT OVER HERE! " me and Louis made various shadow puppets for one minute while Fiz held the flashlight and Harry and Zayn looked horrified.

" That was the most horrifying shadow puppet show I've ever seen. " Zayn said looking disgusted. Me and Louis smirked at each other and tackled Zayn to the ground tickling him.

" Well that's it for today, we'll make a new video in three days! " Fiz announced.

" BYE! " I said.


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