She's Different

Tommye knew she was always different. With her different colored eyes; one being blue as the ocean, the other being a deep mossy green. Her Irish accent in the midst of Brits at her school. How she couldn't remember anything from her childhood. When she devoured a mound of food and still remained skinny.

But she had a secret... She was a cat hybrid. It was in her DNA.


1. A 1D concert? Shoot me now.

Tommye's POV

I sat up in bed with my friend Fiz. Her real name was Felicity and she had been given that nickname as a child. She had red hair with orang-y tips, big brown puppy dog eyes, and slim body. Her slightly tanned skin gave her that look that people were scared of. But me and her? Pfft, yeah right. We're as harmless as a unicorn. But they do have a horn to stab you with.

Me on the other hand, is a whole other story. I have brunette hair that swings over to the caramel side that was also super soft and fluffy. My eyes were two different colors. One as blue as the ocean, the other a deep mossy green. I was skinny no matter how much I ate. And I ate a lot. My skin was pale, like a milk white, like Snow White. I had an Irish accent which stood out amongst all the Brits at my school. But my one secret, - only Fiz knows about - is that I'm a cat hybrid. My ears and tail are black and extremely soft and fluffy. I also had many tattoos; some had meaning, others didn't.

So me and her were just sitting there talking right? No big deal right? Wrong. She just HAD to bring up One Direction. Now did she?

" So I bought two tickets to a 1D concert front row AND Backstage passes! " She squealed in my ear. I flipped back on my red pillow.

" Can my day get any worse? "

" Yep. " Fiz smirked down at me.

" Raicleach. " She gasped.

" Seriously? Say it in English. " I groaned and buried myself under the warm and black, thick comforter falling into a deep sleep.

Four days later, I found myself getting dressed for the concert. Ok, black beanie covering ears, tail hidden, black skinnies, blue high tops, and a white short sleeved shirt with the words 'Screw You' in black letters. The shirt showed off my two full tattoo sleeves and I stood in front of the mirror proud of my look.

*two hours later*

" Ok, let's get this over Fiz. What if someone pulls my beanie off?!" I scream whispered.

" Relax. " I nodded and breathed in then out. In out. In out. We stepped into the stadium after handing the men our tickets before finally taking our seats signing auto graphs along the way. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that me and Fiz are big You tubers. Very popular may I add.

The lights went down and the boys stepped out.

" Ello London! How is everyone? " Liam asked.

" Shoot me. " I said making a gun with my fingers. Harry gave me a confused look.

" Liam, did you see that? " Curly said pointing to me.

" Nope. What'd she do? "

" She said 'Shoot me' and put a finger gun up to her head.

" Well you were too if you were dragged here by a friend. " I said glaring at fire head who was sitting next to me. The crowd laughed.

" WE LOVE YOU TOMMYE AND FIZ!! " me and Fiz stood up.


The rest of the show went fine and I was in a fairly good mood. I have to admit, they're pretty good. Backstage was different though.

" Hello once again. " Niall said pushing me from behind into a bucket of water. NO I HATE WATER! Well I hate being in water. Well duh, what would you expect from a cat hybrid? You should see Felicity trying to get me to take a shower. Luckily, my best friend caught me in time. I readjusted my beanie, flattening my ears.

" So what was that thing where people actually knew you? Friends, family, or- " Liam was then cut off.

" Subscribers. " Fiz said.

" Wha? " A confused Zayn said looking up from his phone.

" Me and Fiz run the oh-so-popular YouTube channel called Tommye and Fiz. "

" No way. " Someone said from behind us. I turned around and saw their drummer; Josh. " Tommye and Fiz?!"

" Yep, that's us! " we said in unison.

" Tommye, is it true you play drums? "

" Yeah. "

" Cool. " a gun shot rang out, the bullet grazing my body. Man was I lucky. But I couldn't say the same for Josh. He eventually got rushed to the hospital and everyone but me was crying. Well someone has to stay strong right?

" We'll have to cancel the rest of the show and tour as well. " Paul said. " Without our drummer, we are doomed. We can't possibly find one in five minutes. I pulled a pair of red drumsticks out of my shoes.

" You just did. " Paul smiled, and it soon vanished. " Don't worry, I now all the songs. In practice, that's all I do for some odd reason. " He became relaxed and I got into place.

" Today, since our beloved drummer was recently rushed to the hospital, we found someone else who you guys and gals seem to love, Tommye Braveheart! " Liam said before signaling it was time time to start Midnight Memories.

" ONE, TWO, THREE! " I put my hands above my head and hit the drumsticks together before playing.


" That was AWESOME! " Louis yelled as we walked offstage. Fiz immediately hugged me.

" Amazing work boys and Tommye. Tommye, would you and Fiz come on tour while Josh recovers? "

" Let me think... HELL YEAH! " oh God, what have I gotten myself into?

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